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How to live for yourself

Very few people ever in my life have wondered why and for whom to live. Psychologists agree that we have to live for yourself, to love and cherish their own "I". That's just how it is difficult to understand in what way to do it.

How to live for yourself

Instruction how to live for yourself

Step 1:

Analyze what you like in your life, but from what you would like to get rid of. Divide the sheet into three parts. In the first list all the items and things that bring you pleasure in everyday life: playing with the dog, watching the old Soviet cartoons, travel by sea, delicious cinnamon rolls, shopping in the department of art, etc. In the second part of the mark of the phenomena that give you depressed or anxious, on what you would love to get rid: tiresome work, overweight or old car. And in the third part describe your dreams, what would like to do in life, and that strive to get.

Step 2:

Be honest with yourself. It is not necessary to specify in their records that you dream about moving abroad, but due to the fact that it is - the purpose of your family. Listen to their wishes. Separate them from the views imposed from the outside and the stereotypes. Before you begin to live in harmony with them, you need to learn to understand and accept their desires.

Step 3:

Save the first part of his analysis. When you become sick at heart or you feel that you live wrong, dull and depressing, but for myself do not have time, read your posts. Set aside everything and spend some time just fun. Urgent work, commitment, family, friends, foes, and colleagues wait. Plunge headlong into love of life.

Step 4:

Tear off the second part of the sheet where you describe everything you do not like it and discard it. Fight your own failures and complexes - an empty case. Direct the energy to achieve their intentions, and the problem will go away by themselves. Point by point, write a detailed action plan of how you will achieve all that you desire. Do not tell yourself that your dreams - an impossible utopia. You want to become a famous singer - start with entries in the vocal studio next to the house. Dreaming of a world tour - go for the start of a hike with an overnight stay in a nearby river. A great way to start with a small step. The main thing - to act.