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How to make friends and influence people

There are people who have an innate charisma. And it is easier to make new friends, be sociable, have an impact on others. However, an ordinary person can also become popular in the community, to have a certain weight in the eyes of the people.

How to make friends and influence people

Instruction how to make friends and influence people

Step 1:

To make friends and influence people become self-confident self-sufficient person. To do this, perform a simple auditory training. Pre-take a sheet of paper and divide it into two parts. On one side write their own positive traits, on the other - negative. Present the fair, in addition to this list you will see no one. Tear half with positive qualities. Now, work with the negative. Cowardice replace it with caution, some avarice - on frugality, etc. All of the items that have become useful from the negative transfer in the list of the positive aspects of nature. Choosing a convenient time in the morning, afternoon or evening, read out the list, adding "I'm smart". "I am kind" etc. With a huge range of advanced features, you will behave differently in society, earning the respect of others.

Step 2:

Learn to speak clearly. To do this, pay attention to how we build a recognized leaders. Where they put the emphasis, at the beginning or end of a sentence as isolated expressions and phrases. Practice at home in front of a mirror to combine facial expressions and words. Adjust the tone of voice. Low range is perceived by others much better high, which grates on the ear.

Step 3:

Follow literate speech. Remove items from the vernacular and slang phrases. Correctly place the accent. If a word you do not know before you consume it in a conversation to find out its meaning.

Step 4:

Look for topics of conversation, interesting not only to you but also his interlocutor. Ask what he is interested in, if he has any hobbies, where he works. The attention to his own person is well perceived by others. This will help you gain their trust, to win.

Step 5:

If you seek advice, try to give helpful advice. Needless to say all the truth known. Find out what the problem is individual, and help him. Thus you will earn respect and will find a new friend.

Step 6:

Do not be afraid to express their own opinion. Perhaps this would be it. Then you earn credibility in the eyes of others and be able to influence their actions and deeds.