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How to make the heart of silence

Feelings make a person's life bright and full of mysterious meaning. Without them, the world would not be so beautiful. However, sometimes people feel a need to get rid of them, to find the answer to the question of how to make the heart of silence.

How to make the heart of silence

Instruction how to make the heart of silence

Step 1:

Before you try to learn how to break free from the emotions and take himself in hand, decide whether it is necessary for you. There are situations in which it is better to go through feeling, to feel its full force. For example, should do so, if you broke up with your loved one. Give yourself time to think, weep, and everything will work out.

Step 2:

If you need to take a serious decision and surging feelings do not allow it to do, try to drown out the voice of the heart. The most effective way to achieve this goal - to give free rein to reason, start to think logically. Write everything that you care about on a sheet of paper, describe your thoughts in the form of diagrams, and try to calmly analyze the situation. Find the cause and effect, determine what has caused your psychological state. You'll see, you will become much easier.

Step 3:

If you can not calm down, use the old method of achieving psychological balance - meditation. Sit comfortably, focus on a sense of peace. Try to banish from his mind all thoughts, to achieve absolute silence, both external and internal. Monitor your breath: it has to be measured, even.

Step 4:

Take a little walk. Leisurely walk around the park. In order to not disturb your feelings, get counting steps and remembering passers persons. Remember that the main thing - to distract, to stop thinking about problems.

Step 5:

Take a look at ourselves. Imagine that you are - you do not, and some other people. How would you describe his behavior? How do you see it? If you can not look at yourself through the eyes of others, try to at least evaluate the situation from their point of view. Just do it quietly, without emotion. Remember that everything in this life is temporary in nature and, therefore, for a series of misfortunes necessarily be followed by a happy band.