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How to manage your life

There is one secret, which are fraught with ancient Vedic scriptures. Do you want to learn how to successfully resolve any problems and manage their lives, then be engaged in only two things: regardless of the external circumstances clearly drawn stick mode of the day and observe cleanliness in the house. What you do not want, or too lazy to do, you need to fall in love. This is your payment for the desired result. Interestingly, pre-payment, we define ourselves, and when we want to get something for nothing, and persist in their desire, the world takes us with an exorbitant price, often the most expensive. How to make a prepayment?

How to manage your life

1. Take your time, give yourself a week to draw up routines. You can run the test project - we often flatter themselves, believing that will have time more than we can.

2. Include in the list each day, simple, not time-intensive 4 steps that work on correcting your weaknesses. Examples: 10 minutes of charging, 5 laps run around the house, cool or douches, non-sweet / cigarette / food for the night, a glass of clean water before breakfast, prayer, dance lessons, singing or acting, some at home care keeping a diary or public speaking - what you've always wanted to start systematically do, but delayed. Actions should be defined independently. Moreover, to a lesser extent than they are linked with the result that you want, so will be more effective.

3. For a better understanding of what and why you are doing mentally put on one scale their discipline (the actions that you are ready to make every day), but on the other - the life you want to receive. And balance the bowl.

4. Few people get the first time to comply with the intended mode. Do not despair. The reason for lack of organization that we do not really understand why this is necessary. The result will be even when, as is necessary to do right now. The only way to change the situation - to put yourself in a situation with no choice. For example, "If you do not do today, charging, I do not get the desired level of salary. Today, 10 min workout and see tomorrow "; "Unmade bed today, so do not pass the probationary period at work"; "Do not do today breathing technique - not shall find family happiness." And so every day. For such a valuable result, unless it is impracticable fee - 4 steps for 5-10 minutes every day? And the refusal of a bad habit, you will add more time than it would take.

When a person does not train themselves, the world begins to train. Simply take the situation into their own hands.

5. It is important to keep in mind the result, which go as often as possible to focus on what needs to be done today, and to fix in the evening before bedtime interim results: "Today, all planned to do. I'm fine fellow. Another step closer to the goal. " If possible, do not betray themselves and do not break this word itself, then other people will be honest with you. Over time, you will feel the courage - state light drive, "I can! Once again, could ", will form a stable sharpening the result. So people become effective.

If you learn to control yourself, you will be able to manage any situations and their lives.