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How to overcome childhood fears

A person may react differently to the situations of life and the things around him. Anger, resentment, anger, sadness, fear ... These reactions are negative, but they are not always negative. Fear - a powerful tool of human survival. However, when fears are unfounded, they interfere with life. These include children's fears, and that you must learn to overcome.

How to overcome childhood fears

Instruction how to overcome childhood fears

Step 1:

The people at different ages there are different fears. Although the causes of fear are very diverse, they share a common component. This bright negative experiences and emotions associated with the object of fear or the events that preceded the unpleasant situation.

Step 2:

Methods of dealing with fears enough. As far as they are effective, can be estimated only when working with a specific fear of a particular person, given his age, sex, character, living conditions, financial and social status, religion and other factors. In any case, the easiest to deal with the fears of childhood. If a person brings into adulthood load fear it may complicate his life.

Step 3:

In childhood, you can win most of the fears. Suffice comfortable living conditions, sensitive attitude, a clear explanation invented "antistrashnyh 'rituals and games designed to ensure that the child could feel his strength and feel confident. Replacing the negative experiences on stronger positive emotions experienced by a few times in the situation previously frightens the child, able to displace children's fears.

Step 4:

However, even here there are pitfalls. If you are trying to convince the kid that his fears are unfounded, use a comparison, take care that your examples are even more fear in the child. "Is injections - it's scary? That operation is ... "After such a comparison, the child may cease to be afraid of injections, but will become more persistent fear of surgery.

Step 5:

If you are using the principle of "like cures like", can face the fact that the previously little fear will turn into a distinct disease. For some parents, "helping" the child overcome fear of water, confronted him in the pond under the motto "float, is not going anywhere." And then spend time and money on the treatment of a child psychiatrist from akvafobii.

Step 6:

Raising the fearless lion, it is important not to overdo it. A child who is not afraid of anything, risking much more timid. If you have serious doubts about what you can do better to seek help from a psychologist. But in any situation, remember: understanding, kindness, patience and love - the best cure for childhood fears.