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How to overcome fear of water

Fearful of entering the water, you are depriving yourself of joy dive pleasure of feeling how you own your body. Instead, you can not take a refreshing dip on a hot day, avoid trips to the seaside resorts, etc. Only a long work on your fears will help you overcome akvafobiyu.

How to overcome fear of water

Instruction how to overcome fear of water

Step 1:

Determine the cause of your fear. You may be afraid of water, because once experienced a stressful situation related to the subject of your fear. Young children are sometimes afraid to swim unconsciously, they triggered the instinct of self-preservation, and this phobia often carries into adulthood. Effectively deal with fear is possible only when you specify the nature of his feelings.

Step 2:

Learn to swim. It is the most effective method of getting rid of a phobia - meet her active resistance. Swim any person, regardless of age, complexion and features of the body structure. Find a good instructor and gradually, step by step, approaching its goal. In no case do not listen to counselors that offer stress method - a man who can not swim, thrown into the water and wait for when he will come up. This approach will only aggravate the situation, "will drive" your deeply complex. Should learn to swim.

Step 3:

Overcome your fear on the open water. In the summer months, a trip on the river, pond, lake or the sea are considered to be traditional. Always use the opportunity to be closer to the water. In the company of friends or relatives, you can soak up the sun and you will feel more confident, without feeling shame for her fear. For starters try to just walk along the beach barefoot, look at the water, leave the stones, and then enter the water gradually and slowly. Immerse yourself, because you will probably be very hot.

Step 4:

Change Association. You need to change your perception of water from negative to positive - is dating on the shore of the channel or the sea. While on vacation, be sure to please create a pleasant holiday romance. As you begin to associate water with good memories and positive emotions, psychological rejection process is completed.

Step 5:

Use conventional methods to combat phobias. A popular art therapy - you draw what you feel annoying and causes negative emotions. Draw on wave paper, accessories, using bright colors and then get rid of the drawing - burn, tear, throw, etc. Most often imagine themselves in the water - you float, lying on his back, rocking on the waves, feeling with his strength and confidence.