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How to overcome the fear of communication

Fear of communication - is a fairly common problem. Many people experience tightness in situations where you need to go up to a stranger and strike up a conversation. To overcome this condition can only be experienced through - every day practicing and experimenting.

How to overcome the fear of communication

Instruction how to overcome the fear of communication

Step 1:

First of all, cultivate in their minds the idea that the fear of communication - is a complex, from which it is imperative to get rid of. All the arguments that modesty adorns the man, do not have a practical utility. More precisely not to be confused with shyness modesty. It is the latter prevents a person to achieve a lot in life.

Step 2:

Self-doubt - a constant companion of the fear of communication. Fighting with two problems at the same time is unlikely to be successful, so the time just remember that you are not perfect. Never try to read the thoughts and emotions of the interlocutor, not scroll to the presentation of the head how bad he is thinking about you right now. Forget about how you look in that dress - delve into the subject.

Step 3:

Radical methods of dealing with the fear of communication is not for everyone. But you can try to choose a profession where it is necessary for a long time and a lot to communicate with different people. Sign up for a course to learn a foreign language, a dance, a sports club - you just have to communicate with new people, and in such circumstances, you will soon forget about your fears.

Step 4:

Increase the degree of their sociability. Many people do not have enough time to fully communicate - family, work, school, kids. Use any chance to talk - communicate with neighbors in the elevator, consult with the seller (even if you do not need advice). At the same time you will get the necessary training and little entertained.

Step 5:

Never erect a problem communicating to the rank of universal catastrophe. In fact, you will not lose their money, job or professional skills, so do not pay attention to detail. Get rid of isolation gradually, effortlessly - start to get acquainted on public transport, please contact the people asking for help, etc. Gradually, you will notice that the chat is not so terrible, but the process takes place naturally and unobtrusively. Approaching someone with the aim to start a conversation, remember that the interviewee is a man with his weaknesses and fears, so do not be afraid of him.