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How to overcome the inferiority complex

The feeling of inferiority, in one way or another, everyone experiences in their lives. Basically, the reasons for this are failures and failures in life, separation from loved ones or dissatisfaction with their appearance. Some people may suffer from an inferiority complex for a long time, and they are experiencing discomfort from his own insecurity. With a sense of inferiority must be combated.

How to overcome the inferiority complex

Instruction how to overcome an inferiority complex

Step 1:

To begin, you must determine the cause of your complex. Think about exactly what you do not like yourself. The root of the problem can be very different. Most of the complexes are from childhood: many peers teased that deeply hurts the most sensitive children. Perhaps once the loved one left you, or someone you systematically abused, evil joke over your shortcomings. It so happens that a strong emotional shock outputs from the game, denying self-confidence. To help in the search for the true causes of the complex are psychologists.

Step 2:

After defining the problem it is necessary to take action. Fight your fears. For example, if you can not speak in public, try to overcome your fear. You can start small: a toast with your family, make a little announcement to colleagues and others.

Step 3:

Love yourself. You should always remember that each person is unique, and so are you. Take a piece of paper and try to transfer their positive qualities or achievements. When your advantages will be fixed, you will feel its significance and strength. Do not forget to praise yourself. Personal recognition is the most important. Every morning before the mirror, smile, tell yourself that you look great, and you will succeed.

Step 4:

Do whatever gives you confidence. Get dressed in the clothes that you are comfortable. If you feel comfortable and confident in a business suit - buy a suit, prefer sports shoes - wear sneakers or loafers, consider yourself a bit fat - Exercise at least twenty minutes a day. If you have skin problems, visit kosmetologa.Pomnite that no matter how perfect your appearance, what you have inside, plays a much more important role. Therefore, you need to self-development, to improve their knowledge.

Step 5:

Make plans for the future. Success is seeking someone who is not afraid to set challenges. Learn a foreign language or learn to play the guitar, be a professional in their field. Of course, all this is not easy to achieve, but you yourself have set yourself a time limit.

Step 6:

Try to start a new life. Divide everything into "before" and "after." And leave their complexes in the past, they are no longer needed. Tell yourself: "I still can. I have a strong personality. In my life I was and will be quite a few obstacles, but I coped with them and I will handle with ease. "