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How to soothe heartache

Emotional pain - pain is the most unfathomable. That it brings more misery to man, because of her no pills, potions or syrups. You never know - whether it will be held tomorrow or be delayed for many years. To get rid of heartache need to slowly and consistently, not counting on immediate results.

How to soothe heartache

Instruction how to soothe heartache

Step 1:

The first thing you want to do - forget everything and run. But the way to "buy a ticket to the sea or to the village card to grandma" is not the best. He will give only momentary result. And then you still need to be back home in the real world. And then the pain will only get sharper. Everything in the familiar life will be reminded of the pain - the memory has been muted for a short time. And in return she again take possession of the heart.

Step 2:

To get rid of the pain, you need to call its cause. Clearly say aloud. Or write. The main thing - to realize. Maybe this will require the source - it can be a best friend or a psychologist. If the pain caused by the loss of a loved one, you need to understand that the same wound care in the most? It may be the fear of loneliness or guilt before the dead. If you threw a loved one, you need to understand what really happened as a result of his departure: lost confidence in the future, or wounded pride.

Step 3:

When the cause is named and recognized, you need to start slowly remove it. To begin to say to yourself: "I do not want to live with this pain. And to get rid of it, tomorrow I will do something new - begin to write poetry, to pour them all the suffering, or a blog to share the pain with the readers. I go out dancing or fighting to throw out their pain physically. Have embroidery or soft toy manufacturer, to painstaking work dulled the sharpness of heartache." Someone will be easier after he proplachet all night - it all depends on the temperament, training and habits.

a diary

Step 4:

Now you can start to get rid of that reminds you of the reason for heartache. Remove on time or at all to throw photos and things of man, which is the source of the pain. Or less to communicate with him, if it is still present in my life. If the source of emotional pain - loss of a job, then do not read article on professional topics, to avoid contact with former colleagues.


Step 5:

When the cause is named and understood, there is nothing that could remind her, and filled a void in the life of a favorite pastime, you can say, "I'm starting a new life, in which there is no place anguish." And start to enjoy every day. Search for this supply. This may be your favorite song heard on the radio, talking with someone else, eaten chocolate at night, walk in the rain without an umbrella and barefoot, buying a new dress or tie. Reasons for a lot of joy. They are much more than a cause for sadness And each new day - a powerful pill against heartache.