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How to start a conversation with a guy on ICQ

World Wide Web - a great opportunity to socialize and get acquainted with the pleasant guys do not hesitate and fear of being rejected. However, even to establish online contact is required first is an interesting phrase, because there is a question: "How to start a conversation?"

How to start a conversation with a guy on ICQ

Instruction how to start a conversation with a guy on ICQ

Step 1:

First of all, decide what will be your attitude as you see who selected the young man. From this conversation it depends on the tactics. The first communication means clear plan. Shots should not be. In the future, you need to take a guy to the fact that he took the initiative himself. For starters consider how to present themselves, because the network guy does not see your amazing eyes and smile, style and beauty, but will see the style of communication.

Step 2:

Investigate. No, you will not go for the elect on his heels, and not necessarily to hire a detective. Internet has made life easier. Open his page VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World - anywhere (each person has an advanced account in one of these networks). Learn everything from the university to the shopping places. Photos tell how and where he spends his leisure time and holidays, whether active person before you. You will probably find something in common and similar to your interests. And this is a small step on the path to success.

Step 3:

Pay attention to your profiles. Most likely, the guy asks for your web page in the social network. A failure in the form of the phrase "I am nowhere to be found" only guard. Scroll through the albums and photos, leave the most profitable.

Step 4:

You are now ready to begin correspondence. Select the name from the contact list, remember that he likes to go to such a club, and type: "Hi! Prompt, please, what the DJ plays today? "Or" Today in the club any particular party? ", And then prompts the intuition and his response. Plus, such a breaker is that a guy does not see obsessions, banality. In fact, it will look as if you are in the real world asked, "Where is such and such a street?"

Step 5:

The first phrase you exchanged. Even in his answer you will understand that if the person in front of you, if his manner of presentation of thoughts satisfied. Still quick decision not to wait. The man is revealed in the process of communication. In its answer questions honestly, show interest, tell us a couple of cases of life, but no more. He must be willing to learn about you and not only in the ICQ. Throw off him a couple of funny references, look at the reaction. Very soon you will have an idea about the person on the other side of the monitor.

Step 6:

Do not forget to use the information about it for their own purposes. For example, say: "Friends told of such and such a book, say interesting. I do not read it? "He feels" a horse. " You, in turn, ask questions, you can jokingly offer any dispute.

Step 7:

So, the conversation took place, but always it can not continue. Try to say goodbye to the first, so as not to seem intrusive. Thank him for his help (he's responded to your first question about the party) and the hint, that would be great even to talk again. He should take the initiative to exchange phone numbers with you and meet in person.