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How to stay unnoticed

Sometimes a person is ready for the most insane actions, in order to attract attention. But there are situations in life when you want to become the "invisible man". And it is quite possible to do.

How to stay unnoticed

Instruction how to stay unnoticed

Step 1:

A person's appearance - this is what primarily attracts people's attention. Therefore, if you want to merge with the crowd, eliminate all of which can "catch eyes". Forget the bright clothes, flashy accessories, spectacular hairstyles, calling make-up, manicure bold and noticeable ornaments.

Step 2:

Choose for yourself the quality of the average low-key outfit color (gray, dark blue, brown), which is not overly emphasize the contours of your figure. Put, for example, solid color pullover soft, slightly baggy jeans and neutral shoes. If you have a stylish haircut or hair color bright, hair, hide under the dark knitted cap and gently tighten it on his forehead. With this appearance, you can easily get lost in the crowd.

Step 3:

Control your emotions. If you do not want to attract attention, when dealing with other people should be active facial expressions, sweeping gestures and expressive speech. Speak in a low voice, not to make any sudden movements and do not laugh too loudly.

Step 4:

In general, attention is drawn to people who are "open to the world." Be complete disinterest and, most likely, they'll tell you the same. Demonstrate to others how far you are immersed in himself: a little drop your head, go fast and at the same time look at his feet.

Step 5:

Be passive in dealing with people. Do not take the initiative in the conversation and do not look at him. But in any case do not go on the talk too openly, so as not to offend people. Settle monosyllabic monotone assents and shrugs. Such behavior will not irritate the interlocutor, but the desire to continue the conversation with you he will disappear.

Step 6:

If you are invited to the event, and you want to remain invisible, you will come back before the others. Indoors take a seat by the wall or in a corner. At the same time you can pretend that you are something to look in the phone or looking at something outside the window.