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How to stop being afraid of blood

Perhaps you think of the people who at the sight of the blood test panic, accompanied by dizziness, pain in the abdomen and even faint. In this case, you probably want to get rid of this kind of fear.

How to stop being afraid of blood

Instruction how to stop being afraid of blood

Step 1:

Imagine and try to realize that blood - it's just your body's fluid, the ink in the printer, or gasoline in the car. When you see the blood, concentrate on that thought, and do not let fear grab myself by surprise.

Step 2:

Be sure to relax the muscles of the body, release clips and breathe deeply. At the same time the symptoms caused by fear and weaken (or) stop.

Step 3:

Start accustom themselves to the sight of blood gradually. Take a liter of water and mix it with red paint, chatting it, dip into the hands. Then slowly pour in the sink. Tell yourself that it's just water. Then, after a while, looking at the photos with the sight of blood. The next step is look spectacular film in which there is blood, such as "Spartacus. Blood and Sand". The film can be watched parts, gradually extending the viewing.

Step 4:

Engage auto-training. Think of the blood and awe-inspiring to myself that this is what gives you life, and fear, on the contrary, has a negative impact. Think of how the fear goes away from you. Talk to your fear, thank for the fact that he wants to protect you. Ask him to symptoms in the form of blood less vigorously expressed, for example, that fear was replaced by caution.

Step 5:

Find people, for example on the Internet, which removed the blood from the fear of their lives, communicate with them, share tips and experience to overcome this problem. Create a community to overcome various phobias.

Step 6:

Flatly refuse to listen to the negative-minded people's lives.

Step 7:

At the very least, see a psychologist. To begin with, for example, get a site on the internet, which the doctor ask questions.

Step 8:

The main thing is do not panic! In most cases, the blood is overcome by fear alone.