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How to stop being afraid of planes

Aerophobia - a real disease in which a person experiences a fear of flying. Different degrees of its manifestation is familiar to many, who has ever flown in an airplane. Fear of flying is not dependent on the number of takeoffs and landings, and often exposed him flying, and those who had a chance in a lifetime to climb aboard an airliner a few times.

How to stop being afraid of planes

Instruction how to stop being afraid of planes

Step 1:

If you are only experiencing unpleasant feelings and experiences while on board an aircraft, it is not a phobia. At present aerophobia people can not even bring himself to come to the airport, and if it is brought back and then go to the aircraft it is problematic. Such patients should be referred to specialists. And to cope with the usual fear and excitement of flying help relaxation exercises, a good attitude and natural sedatives.

Step 2:

Someone gets easier from the data presented statistics, which indicate that the safety of the airplane and the train car. But it is not necessary before the flight search in the internet facts confirming the groundlessness of your anxiety. During the search you will most likely find a lot of this from what you perehochetsya fly. And on the plane you will be remembered not statistics, but the gruesome details of aircraft accidents. It is best to be optimistic companion or neighbor who will lead you all the advantages of travel by air if necessary.

Step 3:

If you are nervous in the weeks / days before the trip, start taking sedatives on a natural basis. Some of them, such as peony tincture and St. John's wort, you should start drinking in advance, as soon they did not give the desired effect. In addition, you can drink a couple of valerian tablets immediately before the flight. Those who fear besides suffers from nausea, you must purchase the pills from motion sickness.

Step 4:

A few days before the flight on the day of departure and in the plane do breathing exercises. Sit back in the chair, close your eyes and relax. Follow the breathing process - as you breathe in the cold air, which passes through the trachea, lungs, comes back, and then exhale warm air. Breathe slowly and try no to think about nothing.

Step 5:

Try not to think about the flight, but the purpose of the trip. Coming on holiday - imagine how great a rest on the sea, on a business trip - think about professional issues. On board read a magazine that is not associated with aviation, eat - food helps blunting sense of danger.

Step 6:

The very fear no harm for you are not responsible. Therefore, those who in spite of all flies, but flinches from the beginning of turbulence and seizes arms of the chair during takeoff and landing, can advise only one thing - do not be afraid of fear. Give him his head at critical in your view points, and in the rest of the time enjoy the flight!