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How to stop being jealous

Jealousy makes the person a storm of negative emotions, makes a lot of anxiety in relationships and sometimes destroys them. Psychologists say that if you are jealous, then do not believe in yourself. Is it always so? It is difficult to remain silent, if your partner ever look at passing women, if tenderly and friendly talks with his collaborator and friend, but in the morning you announced "silences" in view of its unimportant mood ... Reasons for jealousy arise at every step. But how to learn to control their emotions and stop being jealous?

How to stop being jealous

Instruction how to stop being jealous

Step 1:

Do not rush to a scene of jealousy, understand the motives of the behavior of their partner, how to learn it. You must be calm and adequate in their reactions. Selfless help a neighbor or a friendly smile saleswoman - this is not a reason for jealousy.

Step 2:

Do not destroy your relationship with a man because of the different details. Be wiser, more tolerant. Jealousy - a natural feeling for anyone, but it must be kept in check, otherwise the inevitable parting.

Step 3:

Sometimes it is not necessary to sharpen its focus on the behavior of your partner, and its relation to the others. Perhaps his courtesy and politeness are the only sign of good taste.

Step 4:

If you are still allowed to enter even jealousy for a moment in your heart, stay calm. It is not necessary to sort things out right away, "right here and now." Give yourself time to "let off steam", perhaps a couple of hours and you will forget about all the causes of jealousy and conflict will be resolved by itself.

Step 5:

Do not be self-centered. Your man should be personal liberty. It can not always be near and give their attention to you. Treat with understanding its relaxing with friends or wish to be alone. Take a break, do some household chores or any kind of work.

Step 6:

Most remember the pleasant moments of your relationship. Relax. Nurse shopping, buy something useful for yourself or for your home. It is not necessary to scroll to the memory of unpleasant situations, let rest their thoughts and emotions. As a last resort, draw something positive or write a happy story, go creatively and imaginatively to transform negative memories.

Step 7:

If jealousy swept you unexpectedly and you feel that now "explode", close your eyes, hold your breath and count to five. Storm in the soul settles, and you will be able to adequately respond to the situation.

Step 8:

When you are "on edge", do not communicate with your partner. This will help to avoid unnecessary quarrels and create a relationship full of harmony and understanding.