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How to stop short

None of us is immune from manifestations of aggression by others. This can be a sudden flash of rage, often provoked by alcohol intoxication and deliberate attack. In any case, it can cause serious trouble and needs protection. And not everyone knows that you can protect yourself with the help of words.

How to stop short

Instruction how to stop short

Step 1:

Human exposure via word includes three elements: nonverbal, verbal and paraverbal. Nonverbal impact is based on the very manner of behavior. Be confident in their superiority, showed no signs of fear of the striker, openly look into his eyes. You can draw on the face of disgust - it will affect the enemy's self-esteem. To instill fear, imagine yourself attacking predator. Draw the aggression, let anger and rage reflected in his eyes. Frequently, this behavior is already enough to confuse the ill-wisher, and make him give up his intentions.

Step 2:

Paraverbal impact lies in the way of pronouncing the phrase: the intonation, tone of voice, pronouncing the pace of semantic accents. Say the words clearly and loudly, so that they sounded threatening. This important are the sounds that make up the phrase. The most terrible and powerful sound is the hissing, and the sound of the "p" and "s." Therefore, use in the preparation of such words of phrases, such as "rat", "scat", "shoo", "lively", "have", etc. Put emphasis on the particularly important part of the sentence, pause before important words. Raise or lower the tone of voice, intonation change. You can hiss or whisper, saying the words.

Step 3:

Verbal impact is based on the meaning of spoken words. Phrases best to make of the words with negative meaning and sound. They need to be energetic, short and stiff. You can use profanity. The mat has a harsh, rough sound affects emotions. However, the phrase does not consist entirely of swear words, they only supplement it. Also avoid obscene epithets, they can be regarded as an insult, and have an effect opposite to the desired.