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How to stop worrying about what is not

The feeling of inner restlessness or anxiety is familiar to everyone. If excitement is your object or reason - it is fear or phobia. Unexplained anxiety psychologists call alarm. It causes a person a feeling of helplessness, a sense of emergency disaster, doubts and hesitations. These feelings deplete the nervous system of human anxiety. How can you help yourself and your loved ones to stop worrying about what is not?

How to stop worrying about what is not

Instruction how to stop worrying about what is not

Step 1:

Make a list of your priorities in life. First of all, this list will include the family - a husband or wife, children, parents, as well as work, friends, hobbies, pets, etc. The more objects in the list, the less chance you have to start worrying about what is not.

Step 2:

Throw boredom and idleness. If you do not work - find themselves further hobby, join a gym, swimming pool, etc. Disturbing thoughts, insomnia and feelings often come from a lack of a productive employment. As soon as you will take your daily chores and worries, anxiety about something that is not guaranteed as a hand lift. Just try to mental and physical activity alternated with each other.

Step 3:

Strengthen your nervous system. More walk in the fresh air - the brain absorbs a fifth of the oxygen produced by the body. Eat foods rich in B vitamins: buckwheat, beans, meat, fish, dried mushrooms, wholemeal bread. Sleep as much as your body wants - someone quite 6 hours and 9 and another small. Listen to yourself and modify your regimen so that your body is fully rested. Water treatments as well affect the nervous system. More to swim better - if at sea. Move a lot and enjoy each lived moment. Endorphins - the best medicine for anxiety.

Step 4:

Pay attention to those factors that harm your nervous system. Infections - SARS, influenza and others - the first enemies of the nervous system, as cause intoxication and damage the nerve cells. And if you get sick - immediately to bed. So you can avoid complications and minimize the damage done to the body by viruses. Do not allow the emergence of chronic diseases, which have long been waiting for, and then inflict a severe blow to the nerve cells. It is also very harmful to the nervous system brings the constant noise of cities. Try sometimes give the body a break from it - go hiking, live in the village. There, in the open air, away from your anxiety will be over!