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How to survive in the area, book

Each of us, who have heard the saying "From poverty or prison - do not promise," thought he, and she touches. But, unfortunately, inmates traditions are passed in our country, from generation to generation. This, of course, there explanation, including, and historical background. Whatever it was, but the book F. Cross "How to survive in the zone" is very popular and has been reprinted several times. We will try to present it in the form of tips, theses.

How to survive in the area, book

Instruction how to survive in the area, book

Step 1:

From the first words of the author suggests to the reader the idea that the path to the desired goal - to get out at will, begins as soon as the camera threshold overstep. It should be useful experience of people surviving in extreme conditions, those who managed to get in Stalin's camps, to take part in hostilities. The book is just summarizes the author's personal experience and those who have experienced it before him.

Step 2:

At the time of his arrest, when police crack the door, you have time to destroy something that can hurt you and not to innocent people, including notebooks, computer diaries. Money and documents that need to give, do not give - the money will be divided between the arrest of the participants, and documents - are dumped into the pile and lost. And do not expect justice, that you release, it automatically means someone's mistake, and admit it, no one will.

Step 3:

Do not panic at the first interrogation, it may carry out without a lawyer, so it is better to remain silent, the next should already take place in the presence of a lawyer. Call your installation data - the name, birthplace, where registered. Do not forget that in the report it was noted that you need a lawyer from the moment of detention. Try not to react on a bluff, intimidation and bleeding, endure the pain of possible torture. Learn the laws. Law enforcement officers who are trying to extract confessions at any cost, not very comfortable feel to the legally savvy and accused are afraid of them.

Step 4:

In pre-trial detention do not talk too much and do not open your heart to someone who very willingly stuffed into your friend. There is always a lot of decoy ducks, which are the instigators, the eyes and ears of operatives.

Step 5:

In prison, learn vocabulary, which is enough in each specific. Look closely at the order which instituted it. Do not go to anyone with any talk of any familiar. Silence only know how strong individuals, learn it. According to the conclusions that the author does, you are good people behind bars almost meet. The prisoners themselves pose many problems and overcome them successfully. You'd better take him and his education.

Step 6:

In prison there are many wild customs, but they are easily discarded if it can promise at least some benefit. Therefore should not blindly adhere to such taboos and unwritten rules. Your task - to maintain their health, reputation and sanity. Engage in physical exercise, swing it you never hurts, either in the zone or in the wild.

Step 7:

Stay personality. Seek free, master the information of students. Pick a good lawyer. Do not be discouraged, and act, and gradually move towards its goal - freedom. In prison, you become better and you will surely be needed subsequent rehabilitation. But in your power to make sure that she was short.