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How to survive the crisis of family life

Probably everyone heard about crises of family life, irrespective of their marital status. There are even a number of psychologists proposed classification of these crises. However, they can be overcome with success, having listened to the advice of experts.

How to survive the crisis of family life

Instruction how to survive the crisis of family life

Step 1:

In any conflict arises seek compromise. Stop to conceal the offense, always looking for the solution of the problem, review their attitude to it.

Step 2:

Before we put each other accounts claim to offer divorce, count to ten to yourself, take a deep breath and exhale a few times. It is better to leave on a balcony or on the street, go to the store, take out the garbage. Almost certainly the irritation disappears.

Step 3:

Most confess your love to each other. Do not skimp on the praise and gratitude. Remove from your vocabulary the word "divorce".

Step 4:

Participate together in the course of pregnancy. Let the husband stroking his wife's belly, and with it, talking to the baby. After giving birth together to care for him, showing how the two of you need it and to each other. Praise each other, jointly participate in running the household and raising children, stop looking in the details reasons for the conflict, even if the house is not the ideal order or someone you stayed on the job. The main thing that in the relationship between loving people was a comfort.

Step 5:

When it comes to financial stability and other aspects of life and comes to some monotony in a relationship, continue to move forward. Arrange each other surprises, perform romantic trips, hiking. Update the situation in the house, change the furniture, household appliances. Find the joint activity that would both like, such as dancing.

Step 6:

If the crisis still occurred, try to find a joint solution. In any period of family life is better to find the intersection point than to destroy the family. Crises can occur in any family, but they are not a cause for despair. Together, you can come out of any, even the most difficult situations and live a happy life in an atmosphere of love, joy and mutual respect.