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How to survive the death of a pet

In each family, where they live pets, inevitably comes a time when they are dying from diseases of old age or as a result of an accident. The death of a pet - a strong psychological blow that is very difficult to survive.

How to survive the death of a pet

Instruction how to survive the death of a pet

Step 1:

Arrange the favorite a decent burial. Put on his grave a few flowers. Think about how you were good together, and made a little speech.

Step 2:

Remove all items in the box of the deceased animal - toys, trays, bowls. It may seem cruel, but such a move is simply necessary. Things pet left without it, you will be tortured and constantly reminded of the fact that the beloved pet is gone. The box can be put in the closet or buried near the pet's grave. If there is life after death, he will be glad his toys.

Step 3:

Remember the bright moments of the life of the pet. Yes, he died, but that is no reason to scroll in the head just tragic moments. It is better to remember what it was funny, as you play together. Such memories sure to cause a smile, and you find that the favorite is still there.

Step 4:

If you can not cope with their own grief and pain, talk to your family or friends. Communication with loved ones and to help alleviate the suffering of pet experience death.

Step 5:

Change the habits associated with dead animals. For example, if you liked to sit in the chair where you constantly have to pet, try some time to sit in a different place. So you do not remember how the beast would jump on your lap and wait for it instinctively appearance.

Step 6:

Make an album dedicated to the favorite. Record it in your memories and funny stories associated with it. Fill it with photos of animals and pictures of his favorite toys. This album will help you keep good memories of the deceased four-legged friend.

Step 7:

Create a web page in the memory of the pet. Be there pictures of him and leave room for comments. So you can meet and make friends with those who also experienced the death of a pet. You certainly will support and help you get through it.

Step 8:

If you have other pets, do not forget about them. They too feel the loss. They are now just as hard, and they need your attention and care.

Step 9:

Many people recommend immediately start a new pet. This method can be efficient and effective, but does not fit all. There are people for whom the dead animals will always be only a friend, and the new darling of the house can cause them only negative emotions. If, however, you realize that life goes on, and you want to get rid of grief and anguish, amusing kitten or puppy can be a real salvation. But do not associate it with the deceased pet. Treat your new friend as a completely different animal. So it will be easier to love him.