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How to survive the divorce of parents

Almost all children are affected when their parents divorced. And if a divorce occurs ugly scandals and problems, the child has to doubly hard. Therefore, to help the child without trauma to go through the divorce of parents can only do a loving mother and father. In extreme cases, you can appeal to a child psychologist.

How to survive the divorce of parents

Instruction how to survive divorce of parents

Step 1:

To the child is not considered guilty - talk with him beforehand. Parents just seems that the child does not notice the discord in their relationship, in fact, the children feel the tension between the beloved Mom and Dad long before their divorce. So, explain to your children that marital relations between you have reached an impasse, that you can not live together anymore. And you need to convey to the child that you blame yourself, it you can not understand each other, and so you get divorced.

Step 2:

Do not tell children bad about each other. Whatever it was, no matter who was to blame for the failed marriage, the child can not speak negatively about dad or mom. Kids just need to know that together parents became ill, so they diverge. In no event should not blame the other half of all sins. You can even ask for help from their children, in this case, all the emotions the child direct the creation, for help, he will not blame themselves in discord between the parents. Talk openly with your children, talk about their feelings and experiences, tell us that it happens when people stop being happy together.

Step 3:

Keep good relations with her husband. Make it is not easy, but necessary. Very well, if between divorced spouses to maintain good and friendly relations. The passing of a family parent should talk with their children and to make clear that at any moment they can count on the help and chat.

Step 4:

Try to establish a relationship of trust with children. Every child needs love and affection - this is a truism. Any child survive the divorce of parents is incredibly difficult, as the crumbling of his familiar and secure world. In this situation, a mom and dad must be very attentive to their child, you must often talk about their love for the child, that he was the best and most precious gift in the world. Mom and Dad need to communicate more often with their children, a relationship of trust will help to find out what is happening in the baby shower. If the child is very difficult and it is difficult, you can always turn to a professional child psychologist for help.