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How to take an individual decision

For what man is given freedom of choice? Many do not understand what will this or that act or decision. What is the meaning of this strange gift? On the part of God, it would be much easier and more reasonable to solve all human. Nevertheless, each of us has the ability to choose and choices have every day. How to learn to make the right, neither of whom is independent decision?

How to take an individual decision

Instruction how to take an individual decision

Step 1:

Decide on the purpose. Each time, when life brings you to the crossroads, think about what exactly you want to achieve? What is your goal? Take your time and examine this point carefully. Think about which of the paths will lead you to the desired goal, and which shall lead the way. You must be able to ask yourself these questions and answer them seriously, making no allowance for external circumstances.

Step 2:

Abstracted from the public opinion. It is believed that many people are exposed to the influence of others, living someone else's life. They reach their target entirely unnecessary, to implement the program of life of other people, rather than to deal with its own personality. At the heart of these errors unwillingness to think and envy. It is important to discard the desire to "be right" to be "no worse than others," please everyone. And find out what pulls you to it.

Step 3:

Do not be afraid to disappoint someone. Parents, friends, loved one will recognize you, even if you make a mistake in his choice. And if you do not find understanding among friends, you at least will remain self-esteem. It is far better than to live a meaningless life. Get rid of illusions, build their own destiny, based on their own ideas about it.

Step 4:

Be able to take responsibility for the consequences. To do this, analyze possible scenarios. If you (against the advice) goes its own way, you have to be prepared for the fact that you will have to answer for the decision. It's risky. But this is how a person becomes.

Step 5:

Step back from the business as usual for a while to be able to make a decision. Bogged down in the everyday affairs, daily routine, you risk to make a choice "on the machine". If you have to really serious decision, select a few days out of town, take the exit on the job. Try to break out of the usual rhythm of life for you. change of scenery will help you to think and act freely.

Step 6:

Deal with your own personality. What exactly is your uniqueness? If you answer the questions of who you are and where you're going, the decision will come immediately.