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How to talk to a psychologist

In the world of psychological services are no less popular than dentists and tailors. Often it is a personal family psychologist becomes the cause of reconciliation of the spouses, the establishment of mutual understanding between fathers and children, and resolution of conflicts at workplace. In this case, the first visit to a psychologist could be marred by a serious psychological barrier that the patient experiences.

How to talk to a psychologist

Instruction how to talk with a psychologist

Step 1:

Before the visit to the psychologist the patient must clearly articulate its purpose and the problem, which will have to find a solution. To the psychologist treat people who can not find a way out of this situation, and often they find it difficult to talk openly about their problems. In such cases, experts advise to make a succinct plan of his speech in a notebook during the session to use the records in order not to miss important points.

Step 2:

The frankness and sincerity on the psychological session - this is the key to successful treatment and solutions existing problems. It is important to remember that psychologists, as well as doctors, do not disclose the information received from its customers to third parties. By the way, it is a frank narrative about themselves and their thoughts is often a very difficult problem for customers. From the patient's subjective story, the psychologist adds an objective picture of the situation and plan to solve the problem. Cornerstone issue for specialist can become the inability of the patient to tell the truth to yourself.

Step 3:

During the first session of the psychologist he begins to talk to himself questions that he needed to create a psychological portrait of the client. Responding to questions, the client must remember that only sincerity and honesty to yourself will help him solve the problem. Gradually, the psychologist will translate dialogue into a monologue of the client. This should not be afraid. The patient can be difficult to keep his story sitting on a chair in a fixed position. Should you experience such inconvenience, it is necessary to ask permission to tell a psychologist standing, walking around the room or even with your eyes closed.

Step 4:

To achieve absolute contact between the psychologist and the client need to eliminate external stimuli, which can destroy the chamber atmosphere of the conversation. Breaking the customer peace of mind may suddenly a cell phone call, the sound of the alarm clock, and others. Therefore, before the start of the conversation should turn down the sound, or completely disable all available with an electronics.