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How to teach others to take care of you for 4 weeks

Most women complain of neglect by relatives. They would like someone to help. But for some reason people do not hurry to do it. Is all around such unfeeling? How to teach the near environment to take care of you?

How to teach others to take care of you for 4 weeks

Instruction how to teach others to take care of you for 4 weeks

Step 1:

To begin understand why around longer take care of you. To do this within one week watch your behavior. Namely - what you say and do when someone wants to help you. Record it in a notebook or file. Divide the file into two columns. In the first write to the situation, in the second - how do I react to this situation. The first week you just record your actions and analyze them.

Step 2:

In the second week, perform the analysis of the records. Below you can see that usually do and say those who do not help. This behavior disaccustoms others to take the initiative and care. Someone said that they do not need help. This often happens automatically. For example, the husband comes into the kitchen and asked how to help. And in response he was given on the machine - but no, it is not necessary.

Step 3:

Too many women have criticized assistants. For example, an adult daughter brought the food home, and hears in response - why you bought it, we already have. Of course my daughter once there is a response - I have nothing else in the house will not bring. Son wiped dust - not as thoroughly as we would like, and her husband nailed the picture and did not remove the dust. After criticism is a natural reaction - I am more it will not do.

Step 4:

Teaches. During close action are the soul and distribute instructions. You do not you cut the vegetables with a knife, you can not erase the powder, do not sweep the floor, etc. Try to do everything quickly. The husband comes home from work, and at home the beauty and luster. It's great for the arrival of her husband's already done around the house. And so every time my husband is getting used to the time that the house cleanliness. It ceases to appreciate it. It is perceived as a matter of course, that the house was clean. Sometimes it is good to praise myself and show that without you this purity in the house would not be.

Step 5:

Pretends that does not need help. Hales from the store heavy bags of groceries, and then lays them in the refrigerator, and thus no hint that it would be good to go to the store together. And as the guerrillas suffer, suggesting that her husband ever guess himself.

Step 6:

They say - "It's not worth it". "not at all". "do not mention it". Rather than boast made - "Yes, I made it fun, right?" He does not know how to thank for the statement. Every person is pleased when his thanks for the efforts. After all, he was trying to do something. And in response to neglect not remark made, and perhaps resentment.

Step 7:

So, after analyzing the records in the file, you've figured out what behavior you deprive yourself of assistance. And now let the your family, take care. In the second week, each day grateful for any little thing and then made for you. Do not try to immediately rush into battle and on their own to do something. Let home again get used to taking care of you. It will take some time. Every time someone helps you, smile, take a breath, slowly count to three and say thank you. Just thank you. There are not relevant criticism, caustic remarks and the words "oh well, it was not worth it", "I would have done everything myself."

Step 8:

It will take another couple of weeks, because not everyone is able to pay compliments and praise. Increasingly emphasized the importance of assistance. Then people will feel needed. You can say the phrase: "It's great that you help me guess. Thank you, I'm so pleased. ". And a month later, if you do it right, you will start to see results. However, it is important to continue to thank the assistants and more.