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How to treat compulsive gambling

If the family has gamers, then moved with him and a great misfortune. This is not only due to the fact that gradually disappear money and valuables. In the eyes disappears dear man, he belongs more game. And it's not already in joy to him. How to deal with this grief?

How to treat compulsive gambling

You will need:

patience and desire

Instruction how to treat compulsive gambling

Step 1:

First of all, make sure that you've decided to "tie" the game. If not, you can not read the next paragraph №1.

Step 2:

Be aware of their illness. It is a disease that recorded in the International Classification of Diseases. It should be clear, without any allegory, say, "I - gamers. I am sick. I want to be treated. "

Step 3:

Next - you must realize that no fortune-tellers, healers, wizards and mages will not help you. Gambling - it does not damage or the evil eye. Charlatans only vypotroshat your pocket definitely. It must be understood that the treatment of gambling should take place in the complex, which involved at least three people - the sick, the doctor and the loved one.

Step 4:

Of course, can not do without the help of an experienced professional. How do you know that the doctor to whom you have applied, - a good specialist? First of all, he will not promise mountains of gold, but warn that a lot of work. Also, he will be sure to search for the causes of gambling addiction. After all, it does not come from nowhere, and all in a row. Any relationship - is a departure from reality. This is what will help you find a doctor.

Step 5:

Specialist prescribe therapy, which you will need to adhere strictly. This can be an individual or group therapy. You may appoint any drugs. At this point you need to support families.

Step 6:

After treatment you should remember - there is no ex-gamers. In no case do not provoke themselves to the relapse, and do not even play cards! Also, remember that people prone to addiction, may find a new object of desire. For gamers not become, for example, an alcoholic, think that can bring you joy in real life.