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How to treat gossip

In closed collective gossip and speculation spread very quickly. To brighten up the monotony of daily routine, people are discussing privacy of colleagues, and sometimes come up with some information to add interest. You may also want to know how to relate to such manifestations.

How to treat gossip

Instruction how to deal with gossip

Step 1:

Try not to participate in such conversations and retell the latest gossip to their friends. By distributing this information, you are no better than the gossip. Think how it is - to be a man about whom talk like that behind. It is better to show his whole appearance that you are not interested in such information. It is quite another thing, if you gossip about.

Step 2:

Take a note to the person for the compliment. You are interested in so many people, it is interesting to discuss and occupy their free time thinking about you.

Step 3:

Ignore the false stories that are spreading gossip. If you do not show interest in them and do not show their anger, people will forget about it quickly. Do not make a scandal, trial and does not respond to calls. Then, for you it will not be interesting to spread rumors, and you will no longer be the central figure of the gossip.

Step 4:

Use humor as a defense against gossip. Laugh along with all joked, give the whole situation a comic tone. The ability to laugh at himself will be evaluated, and the situation would be rectified.

Step 5:

Confirm the information, if it is true and does not defame your good name. Respond to all inquiries "Yes, it's true," but did not elaborate. After receiving confirmation of the information, people will no longer discuss it. It automatically becomes boring, because ceased to be something secret.

Step 6:

To maintain friendly relations with all staff that no one had any desire to extend unflattering information about you.

Step 7:

Try not to give cause for gossip. Be careful how you dress, what you say and to whom. Do not discuss your personal life, or problems with the gossipers. If you really want to completely stop any rumors pretend gray and uninteresting person. Such people do not want to discuss, and therefore will not gossip.