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How to treat sleepwalking

Sleepwalking, or somnambulism, sleepwalking - a type of sleep disorder in which a sleeping person can get out of bed to make seemingly purposeful actions, even talk. Suffering sleepwalking need help, if only because that sleepwalking bodily injury ... If you dream a child is, it's not so bad, but could be due to the fact that his brain is in its infancy. In order to help such a child (or adult lunatic), you need to follow a few rules.

How to treat sleepwalking

Instruction how to treat sleepwalking

Step 1:

During a sleepwalking episode can apply this kind of treatment as unplanned awakening. Go to the lunatic and gently wake him. Thus, the sleep cycle is interrupted sleepwalking. Or, gently turn it back, bring it to the bed and lay with her.

Step 2:

Not always, but it can help folk remedy - a wet rag before bed. Sleepwalker pulls his legs out of bed and gets up on a cold and wet. Startled, he can wake up.

Step 3:

Usually children sleepwalking passes with age, so a visit to the doctor is not necessary. But please refer to a specialist if: - attacks happen very often, up to two or three times a night; - Have other mental disorders; - There are signs of anxiety or stress state.

Step 4:

To prevent injury during sleepwalking Make sure not to leave potentially dangerous objects in the room - a sharp, piercing and cutting. Closed at night the windows and doors, exits to the stairs as possible.

Step 5:

For lunatic important process of falling asleep. He has to be calm, you can play music, read a child a good tale. Before going to sleep necessarily brings him to the toilet.

Step 6:

In adults, sleepwalking may be indicative of a serious mental disorder. Therefore assistance should be provided only with a physician: - refer to a psychologist or psychotherapist. He will prescribe light sedatives or tranquilizers - together with the experts find out the causes of the disorder or anxiety and work on eliminating them as possible - avoid excessive fatigue, insomnia, as this could provoke an attack; - Elderly people sleepwalking can accompany dementia. Here need help psychiatrist who will prescribe psychotropic drugs. They need to be taken continuously; - It helps with sleep disorders group psychotherapy. If possible, determine the suffering somnambulism in one of these groups.