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How to understand adolescents

If desired, you can understand anyone justify his actions and to give a chance to the correction of errors. Teens - it's not adults, but no longer little children. For teenagers need a special approach.

How to understand adolescents

Instruction how to understand teenagers

Step 1:

Understand teenager can, if you imagine yourself in his place. Remember how you were a teenager youthful maximalism. You thought that the world revolves around you and you need to take everything from life. At the age of 14-16 years, especially in children, their perception of the world, and you have to adjust to it, otherwise you risk losing the trust of your child. Be interested in his hobby, music he likes to listen to. Try to be his friend, not grouchy mentor, always dissatisfied with her and his life. If you will win the sympathy of its credibility, it will be easier to manage the teenager. You'll know what he does in his spare time, he is thinking about, dreaming. Often, the barrier between parents and teenager emerges from a misunderstanding, and parents only exacerbate their teachings and abuse already strained relationship with the teenager. It is not necessary to erect the wall with my own hands disagreements.

Step 2:

Talk with your teen on the souls. It must be his behavior there are reasons and explanations. Maybe you did not notice, and he wants to draw attention to yourself by using, for example, the hair dye in the core green. Also, the desire to stand out among their peers on teen pushes ear piercing, nose, lips, or on the drawing tattoos. Loneliness is driven by a teenager, when he joins the informal groups - emo, goth, etc.

Step 3:

Often adolescents do not develop relationships with classmates or conflicts arise with older age children. To direct the energy of a teenager in the right direction, write it in the sports section on judo, karate or swimming. So his spare time will be employed in useful labor, and time on the street there will be no trial. And with due diligence and desire to conquer the world (as is often the case in adolescents), will make a good athlete from your child.