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How to win shy

Too modest to people is very difficult to achieve goals and to move ahead on a career ladder. Usually when communicating they feel some discomfort and lack of confidence, resulting in a start lock. To avoid this, you need to win their modesty, and then you will be able to feel successful and happy person.

How to win shy

Instruction how to win shy

Step 1:

First of all, think about why you start to hesitate, being next to a stranger? If you are afraid that you will think about the people around you, try to understand that they are not watching your every move, and they have plenty of their own thoughts and concerns.

Step 2:

Start the fight with modesty with simple exercises. Go to any public place, and try to talk to a stranger. Ask him your question, smile and be sure to thank them for the information. The more people you will be able to talk with, the more confident start to feel. Repeat this procedure every day, constantly increasing the number of people unfamiliar to you. Gradually, you will no longer be afraid to communicate and be able to get rid of excessive modesty.

Step 3:

Learn to walk with confidence. Straighten your back, slightly lift his head, smile and looking surprised his heels. In no case did not hide his hands in his pockets, and keep them freely without crossing over the back or chest. Imagine that you have done me a favor by coming here. Do not be afraid to catch the glances of strangers, you should not worry about is where they look and what they think. Here the goal is effectively to go and hit it the opposite sex.

Step 4:

Sign up for a singing course. Initially, you will be hard, so ask the master of vocal about individual sessions, then gradually the number of participants and spectators should be increased. Being constantly in the spotlight, you'll get used to it and stop feeling tightness. To make it easier to sing, practice at home in front of a mirror, with loud music to include with your favorite songs.

Step 5:

Begin to take the initiative. Even if you make something in error, do not worry, and analyze his behavior and try to avoid it in the future.