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How will gather

Having willpower - one of the main features of human nature. Man developed willpower is able to implement the plans. Collect the will - then send themselves to actions that do not really want to perform. This is serious work and not everyone can do it without some effort.

How will gather

Instruction how to gather the will

Step 1:

First of all give up harmful habits in your opinion, that irritate you in yourself. For example, the habit of scattering things around the apartment, or to reserve the unwashed dishes. All the same it is necessary to clean up the mess, and even feel a sense of a grievance. Start collecting the will, ie, develop the strength will gradually. Do not force yourself to constantly make that absolutely do not want. Human psychology is set up so that rebuild their habits people can dosed mode. Otherwise, you risk getting direct feedback option when forced to do even the simple act itself becomes hard work. Put in front of such problems, which will need to collect the "fist". Easy task will not help the cause. For example, if you are a chocolate lover - you will not be difficult to give it up.

Step 2:

Engaged in the development of willpower daily and purposefully. Select the number of tasks that are necessary for such training and do not miss classes. Do not start training their will in serious situations, it is better to normal living conditions. For example, if you force yourself to hiking, start with the usual trip to the store or to visit. And if you are in the process of developing the habit of walking off to work and too late - it is unlikely you will want to repeat it again.

Step 3:

Constantly train the will to go through life with confidence and achieve any results. The human will is like a muscle, it becomes stronger with regular exercise. The more you will be able to train their will, the easier it will be to cope with any challenge in life.