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How To Be In The Center Of The Conversation

How to be in the center of the conversation

To become the soul of the company, often do not have to have some kind of special talent. You just need to be able to maintain a conversation, be interesting, confident, eye-catching. To achieve success in this can even modest, too shy person, unless he works on himself.

Instruction how to be…

How Not To Strain People

How not to strain people

If you've noticed that have not seen with loved ones, because "they all once" or "they went for an indefinite period," time for you to pay attention to their behavior. You may be just hiding, because you're too annoying, always sad and selfish.

Instruction how not to strain people

Step 1:

Learn to be independent not ask…

Find Friends

Find friends

If you have moved to another city, then the question arises, how to find friends. Someone disillusioned former comrades will think, and what are friends for? But we humans live in a society, and we need to dialogue. How to make new acquaintances and find real friends?

Instruction how to find friends

Step 1:

If you approached a stranger, and…

How Not To Postpone For Later Life

How not to postpone for later life

Sometimes life is flying so fast that people are looking to the "tomorrow" does not have time to enjoy what they have now. I do not regret the mistakes of the past and stop thinking only about the future - it is easier than you think. Assuming that you are in my life have…

How To Stop To Sit At A Computer

How to stop to sit at a computer

Before the word "computer" was familiar to most people only theoretically. Now, it is in almost every home. And along with a huge advantage it has become a source of serious trouble for some people, infecting their very real addiction. They're so gone into the virtual world of computer games, hours of communication…

How To Stop Waiting

How to stop waiting

Wait - this is the most exhausting kind of emotional stress. You just do not know when the event will happen, but you want to make it happen - and just wait. And the possibility, in the meantime, go. But if today to start doing something that will bring you to the fulfillment of a dream, tomorrow…

How Not To Regret What Was Done

How not to regret what was done

Looking back into the past, people often feel a sense of regret because they did something wrong, is not uttered those words or silent. Often this feeling becomes so strong that it begins to poison the man's life, it promotes the rise of self-doubt.

Instruction how not to regret what was done

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How To Determine The Mood Of The Color

How to determine the mood of the color

Very interesting to watch the man and his favorite colors in clothes, interior, etc. Psychologists say that the color that people prefer for many years, we can judge about his character. And if he suddenly chooses unusual and new for yourself shades, then it is easy to determine his mood at the moment.…

How Not To Be Left Alone In This Big World

How not to be left alone in this big world

Sometimes people are very lonely. They do not have family, friends, they support a formal relationship with colleagues. It is unlikely that they like this state of affairs, but to change something is not always possible. In order not to be alone, such a person must correct some character traits, and…

How Not To Break

How not to break

There are times when all around annoying. Man breaks down on others, even loved ones, and then comes the realization and regret for what he did. We must learn to control your emotions.

Instruction how not to break

Step 1:

When you feel that you are about to "explode", do not hurry to say anything. Do not too…

How To Determine The Nature Of The Signatures On

How to determine the nature of the signatures on

Signature specially characterizes its owner. To learn more about the nature of man, we must carefully examine his signature, taking into account a number of features: slope, length, size of letters, the presence or absence of additional strokes, underscores, etc.

Instruction on how to determine the nature of the sign

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How To Get Into Character

How to get into character

The game helps a person to be liberated and to know themselves more deeply. Under any way hide two fundamental facets: the appearance of the hero and his inner state. The important role played by the environment in which the character is.

Instruction how to get into character

Step 1:

Examine the situation in which your character…

How Not To Think About His Illness

How not to think about his illness

Some people sin that wrong thinking and talking about yourself. On the common question, "How are you?" They start to complain about his health. But you can learn not to think about his illness, then it will be much easier to overcome.

Instruction how not to think about his illness

Step 1:

If your…

How Not To Dwell On Thoughts

How not to dwell on thoughts

Psychologists say that to get rid of negative thoughts is impossible. Alarms from time to time there are even optimists. The only difference is that optimists know how to change the attitude to troublesome reflections.

Instruction how not to dwell on thoughts

Step 1:

Keep track of the good things that occurred and are occurring in…

How Not To Think Of Women

How not to think of women

Healthy man thinks about women in sexual terms, and this is perfectly normal. On the other hand, sometimes these ideas turn into obsessions and prevent concentrate.

Instruction how to think about women

Step 1:

Plunge headlong into the work. Serious attitude to what you do in the workplace. It is also advisable to turn off the…

How Not To Be Afraid Of Love

How not to be afraid of love

The ability to love - the most exciting state in the life of every individual. It is natural and is available, is not attached specifically to any age, education and standard of living. But often, the desire to love a man possessed so much that he feels a subconscious fear and is afraid of…

How To Start A New Life Teen

How to start a new life teen

In puberty maximalism inherent in teenagers, reaches its peak. That is why they are trying to get rid of the "oppression" of parental morals to go to conquer the biggest peaks.

Instruction how to start a new life teen

Step 1:

But often this way is dangerous and, when confronted with the first problems and…

How Not To Stay Alone

How not to stay alone

Loneliness - a phenomenon that hinders the development of normal relations, not only with colleagues but also when dealing with people who might become your friends and companions of life.

Instruction how to not be left alone

Step 1:

To find ways to get rid of loneliness, you should look into its origins. Often the problem is…

How Not To Be A Boring Person

How not to be a boring person

Ability to communicate with ease, it is interesting to talk to can help a lot in life. Charming gay man causes a desire to meet with him and establish a more serious relationship.

You will need:

- compilations of anecdotes and funny stories; - Good literature.

Instruction how not to be boring person

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How To Determine The Phlegmatic

How to determine the phlegmatic

Phlegmatic type of temperament is characterized by calm, stress, emotional balance, and hard work, endurance, ability to make friends, natural modesty. These and other qualities help phlegmatic easy to get along with people of different temperaments.

Instruction how to define phlegmatic

Step 1:

Phlegmatic able to maintain equanimity in almost any stressful situation. It is necessary to…

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