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To the morning was good

Your career will not wait for you until noon, when you finally sleep enough. For you a selection of the top 10 tips for the most easy awakening.

To the morning was good

"Early to bed and wake up early - this is what makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" Benjamin Franklin

If you are already fabulously rich and not have lost precious health, and you can safely close this article without looking back. Well, if you just keep the path to his cherished dream, that according to the laws of the genre challenges morning rise for you priori should not exist, because your advance the joy of owning a dream is for you of strongest argument to the brisk revival and active entry into the new day with its new features!

If there is something to get up for, whether it is a strategically important business meeting or with your best friend, and the awakening will be easy!

But as Yanina Ipohorskaya said: "Not only rise in the morning, one also has to stop to sleep!" And would be good so like a fairy tale - open your eyes, sweet stretch, smile at the world and get out of bed to make new moves to new victories!

You're just lucky if you have a morning it develops according to this scenario. In most cases, morning rise is more like a drama genre. And the first thing it would be logical here to advise: to find solution to the problem in his own nature, that is to listen to your biorhythms.

We all know that there are people- "the owl" and people- "larks". And these two kinds of people have very different productivity periods. So among those who identify themselves as larks, the vast majority confirmed that their activity peak in time from eight o'clock in the morning until noon.

According to various studies of psychologists conducted among university students, "early birds" are more successful. On the eve of devoting time preparing for tests and exams and time asleep and therefore wake up in time, they have significantly higher scores than those who prefer to take in the evening or even at night.

In addition to factors reasonable allocation of time is still triggered and laws of functioning of memory: memory is improved when healthy sleep, that is the brain, uncluttered voltage of learning during sleep naturally absorbs this information and lay it on the shelves.

In favor of early awakenings, there is another study of British psychologists. They found a relationship between the usual time of awakening of man and his emotional state. It was found that among adults who remain in bed until 9-10 am the most frequently encountered problems such as overweight and tendency to depression than those who used to get up at 7 am.

At the same time, there are studies showing that, regardless of the type of person (owl or early bird), those who wake up earlier during the day often feel more active and optimistic than those who wake up later.

Total: arguments in favor of a lot of early morning waking. But brewing is a natural question: how can that be, if in your case it is best to wake up in the morning just past the cup of sugar? A wake up, you want to or not, you have to in the morning, it's not always our profession allows you to select the appropriate biorhythms optimal time. But there is good news ...

Night owls still easier the transition is given on the morning treatment than morning people in the evening respectively. Owls, if necessary, to work in the morning and afternoon show greater efficiency than larks in the evening and night.

In this connection, the first thing that makes sense to do in the context of our conversation - a "reset the biological clock." Office & Career will not wait for you until midnight, when the whole business world is already asleep.

And enter into your own sleep and wakefulness will help your dream and a selection of the top 10 tips:

Get enough sleep. It sounds corny and trite, but the best means in any case does not exist. 7-9 hours of sleep. And the older a person becomes, the more weight it gets this advice: a fresh new look and refreshed mind, ready to respond adequately to the world will stand you in good stead.

Free up your bed, and even better - the whole bedroom, captivated by your life of gadgets. The bedroom is for sleep.

Teach yourself to get up at the same time. If you work in an office or at work, then the problem is solved by itself. Each morning of the day everyday, you need to come to work in a strictly appointed hour. Fortunately, on this action, we motivate clearly - the arguments "iron": cash whip, and the threat of dismissal and do their job.

Everything is a bit different if you are a new class of jobs that allow working in freelance mode, and your office is dissolved somewhere in your own apartment, but that's a topic for another discussion. Let's go back to it in a future article.

Arrange a morning ceremony tentatively called "no hurry". After the alarm clock did not get up immediately. The calmer the awakening process, the less stress for the body. Stress in life and so abound. Stretch. Smile to a new day and its capabilities. Turn on your left side, and after 1-2 minutes climb.

"Sunny morning - this time of quiet joy ... This watch is not to hurry, not to fuss. Morning - this time relaxing, deep, golden thoughts "- John Steinbeck

For most lung awakening awakening use techniques of self-massage. To wake up the whole system of the body can actively rubbing the ears, you can train your hands on imaginary very, very tight gloves or intense ride between the palms of the usual simple pencil having a ribbed shape. In all the above described cases, you will get an excellent opportunity to massage the acupressure points located on the palms and fingers, as well as the ears.

If you decide to change the lift, well, for example, categorically decided every day at 6 am to go for a jog, then a big request - again without any sudden movements, please. Push the Power Each day, wake-up time of 15 minutes ago, and so on to those long, until you reach the goal.

Jogging in the morning

Set yourself on a wake-up call. When you need to get up at 8 am and you set the alarm for 7.00 Repeat signals every 5-10 minutes to 8.00 to surely wake up, you make yourself worse. You are interfering with the natural course of the process of sleep, shoot down your nervous system confusing and, ultimately, get up so overwhelmed and nervous, as if he had not rested at all.

Carefully pick up the melody for the alarm call. Let it be a calm music or just nice ear sounds that evoke pleasant memories or emotions, or something positive that will cause your smile.

In the summer, you will wake up in the daylight outside. Leave the windows open in the evening from your bedroom and the body itself, naturally, it responds to the changing time of day outside the window.

Eat breakfast. Firstly, self cooking and eating process will help you to wake up. Second, a healthy breakfast is guaranteed to provide you with energy at least until lunch, especially if you include in your diet fresh juice cocktails or hazel.


To do morning exercises. It is proved that 10-15 minutes of exercise each morning may replace full-length workout 1-2 times a week.

Let shine every morning will be filled with freshness and cheerfulness!

"Every morning - a chance to start all over again!" - Paulo Coelho