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What is wisdom

Everyone knows that the mind is given to man by nature, and wisdom acquired by self-education and self-awareness. The wise man knows that the way the situation develops depends on the temporal and social situations of human priorities, his personal qualities.

What is wisdom

Instruction that is wisdom

Step 1:

Wisdom is not unique to the older generation, wiser. If you learn to find solutions to life's problems, you too will be able to exercise wisdom. To do this, always analyze the situation, identify the problem, define the obstacles that stand in the way, expect the time required for the solution. The main thing - do not recede before difficulties. However, and beat his head against the wall. If something comes not long as you would like to analyze the problem, perhaps, is what you seek, you totally inappropriate at this stage of life.

Step 2:

Learn to recognize and understand the significance of those smaller events that are not visible at first glance. Trust your intuition. Investigate the cause of their own vague anxiety. So you learn to know when you need to perform certain actions that are necessary for a favorable outcome of the situation.

Step 3:

The strength of a woman - in her wisdom. Women's wisdom does not come from the head and from the heart. Do not fight with a man, trying to show their superiority, their minds, their knowledge and experience. Follow nature - giving men their femininity and love. Your wisdom will awaken in man power and create a fertile ground for its peaceful use. A man gifted with your love will become a builder, a creator.

Step 4:

If you want your favorite feel close to you a real man - do not criticize him, he did not specify what should be done, not impose their decisions. Do not attempt to raise, if he were a small child.

Step 5:

All human life is permeated relations. When you manage to get along with others, then you are happy, satisfied, you feel the ease and good humor. Therefore, do not turn the area of ​​relations in the field of battle. Do not attempt in any way to get attention from loved ones, love, support. Do not ask them to do so, as if they were you have all these feelings. Learn to respect and accept their feelings and respect their opinions and views on life.

Step 6:

Learn to love and accept close as they are. Your love spreading their wings, and depends on the success of family relationships. Learn to be wise. Remember that wisdom brings happiness.