Why modern Cinderella did not believe in fairy?

People from nearly all countries and continents are familiar with the Cinderella story. Millions of girls have always naively believed that if they are kind, hard-working and modest, sooner or later they will find a reward in the form of great and pure love; but a modern Cinderella holds a different opinion.

Having met Cinderella, every girl wants to take on her role. She hopes to meet a Prince who will take her to his castle, but this does not happen in real life. Unfortunately, the reality is harsh and can sometimes cause a strong blow, and to achieve success, one needs to work hard and fruitfully. One of the most important things, that should be given to children by parents is a right guidance in modern life.

And one of these guidelines is getting a good education. Getting an education is a very important stage in everyone's life. First, the student finishes school and gets basic knowledge, and then chooses an educational institution, where he will get knowledge of the chosen specialty. Why is it so important to get an education? Of course, first of all, the knowledge gained will help to get a job. Modern Cinderella believes that, in its turn, it will help to improve the quality of life and realize dreams in terms of building a successful career and finding a favorite activity.

Education is a prerequisite for long-term economic growth. No country in history has achieved sustained economic growth if it has less than 40% of the adult population literate. If girls are not provided with the same educational opportunities as boys, developing countries lose an average of $90 billion a year. Education promotes peace. It has been estimated that for every year that a man receives an education, the probability that he will take part in violent acts falls by 20%.

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