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As bodybuilding

Bodybuilding may seem stranger thing simple: you just need to come to the gym and to the last effort to engage, lift heavy barbell, dumbbell and so on. In fact, there are many nuances that can not be ignored.

As bodybuilding

Instruction how bodybuilding

Step 1:

For a successful start of the course you should have a minimum of not only the desire but also the real possibilities. Although it is also a strong desire to be, and be supported by the efforts and be based on the best estimate of your genetic potential. If you are a long time led a sedentary lifestyle, do not engage in sports, then you should be before you start to exercise, visit the general examination (that then, complications have arisen in the course of training).

Step 2:

The most important thing - is to find a good, experienced coach and a gym. Now with this problem should arise, because the well-equipped rooms have a huge amount. Another thing, if these institutions do not care about professional growth and the material well-being. So when applying to a center, and when meeting with the coach ask is whether it is at least an individual training program for its wards (if it relies on wall posters with program description, do not stay in such a place).

Step 3:

However, many modern gyms may not afford. In this case, engaged in the home, but buy a small (up to 100 kg) post, two collapsible dumbbells (which allow them to gain weight up to 50 kg). Take care of the diversity and drives low weight (this is necessary in order to enable you to gradually add the load, not peretruzhdaya body). Not superfluous and would purchase squat rack and a small bench (approximately 28 cm wide, 1.5 meters in length and 40 cm in height). These things - this is the minimum required for entry-level training.

Step 4:

Also, if you decide to engage in bodybuilding, first prepare your body for at least a little physical activity. Can daily for one to two weeks to walk at a rapid pace for 20-30 minutes. Gradually increase the pace of step, go to run (about 140-150 steps per minute).