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As dry caviar

dry caviar" that is to make them thinner - is not an easy task. However, it is feasible. But this will require a maximum of patience, diligence and faith in success. You will also need information on how to make eggs more subtle and attractive.

As dry caviar

Instruction how dry the calf

Step 1:

Firstly, to make the calf more thin, it is necessary to engage in muscle training. This will prevent them from fat, make more relief. For this ideal step-aerobics (and its various variations as well). Suffice it only takes two or three times a week. Training can be carried out not only in the sports club with an instructor, but also at home. Each of your chosen exercise should be repeated on average 8-10 times, then it is already possible to move on to the next.

Step 2:

You a choice of several fairly simple exercise aimed at reducing the volume of the calves. So exercise is the number one: you need to put on the platform (special purchase, just for practicing step aerobics) right leg, then put to her left. Next, you need to lower the right leg back to the floor, put to her left. Following "an approach" starts with the other leg.

Step 3:

Another activity is to stretch the calves. We need to take one step forward, and his hands to rest in the buttocks. Then you need to bend the leg at the knee (the one you put forward) and start ups. At the same time the main body weight should fall on the back of the thigh and calf muscle. Note, by the way, that each stretching is performed at least 30 seconds.