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As dry muscle

Bodybuilding - a complex science, which can not be limited to mindless eating anything and sverhusilennymi workouts. Another aspect relates to competent drying muscles. It is very important because without it can not do when preparing for a competition.

As dry muscle

Instruction how dry muscle

Step 1:

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. From excessive consumption of pasta, rice or potatoes will produce body fat. The reason - a type of carbohydrate is absorbed slowly and gradually turns into an unnecessary layer. In most of these products, though no fat, but their use leads to excessive oversupply glycogen. Hence the problems with being overweight.

Step 2:

Forget about greasy food and pastries! Do not sit for seasonal diet all year round. Of course, there are times when you have to eat unhealthy in the weekend or on birthdays. But do not let yourself that more than 1 time per week!

Step 3:

Eat only healthy food. These products include: cheese, fish, fillet of chicken, rice, etc. Of course, all this can quickly get bored. Because combines them into new recipes and dishes. Experiment and always try to do something new from these products. Use as spices and seasonings. By doing all this so that you will not remember the fatty or sweet foods.

Step 4:

Turn your cardio in the training process. It is especially useful for drying feet. If you really need to dry muscles, perform the exercises of aerobics 2 times a day: in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime. Long before the competition will be enough to twist a pedal bike 1.5 hours per week. Increase the number of training data when entering the competition period.

Step 5:

Train with iron hard. Many make the mistake of picking up light weight performance in training and performing many repetitions. This is done in any case it is impossible! Continue to engage with near maximal weights with the correct technique.

Step 6:

Skid their results in training diary. Record the amount of food eaten and the exercise that you perform in training. All this will help to make a quick analysis and adjustment, if you do not reach the goals drying muscles.