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How did the Ice Hockey World Championship 2012

In 2012, the world championship in ice hockey took place simultaneously in Finland and Sweden, respectively, the matches were played in Stockholm and Helsinki. This tournament was happy for the Russian team, which was able to win a hard-fought fight gold medals.

How did the Ice Hockey World Championship 2012

Instruction how was the Ice Hockey World Championship 2012

Step 1:

Talisman of the tournament was "Bird Hockey» Hockey Bird, as the official anthem - the song "Last Ride of the Day" (last departure date) the Finnish band "Nightwish" ( «Night Wish").

Step 2:

The preliminary stage was a group stage, where teams were divided into two groups, and each team had to play with each. A total of eight teams in the group. Russian team won all the matches, scoring 27 and conceding just 8 goals. Having taken so the first place in the group, the Russian national team advanced to the playoffs.

Step 3:

In the quarterfinals the Russian team confronted the Norwegian team, which won the Russian hockey players with a score of 5: 2. The teams played in Stockholm.

Step 4:

In the semifinals, the Russian national team defeated the team of Finland with even more convincing score of 6: 2. The game was held in Helsinki.

Step 5:

In the final, the team met Russia and Slovakia. Slovakia on the way to the final had to beat in the quarter-Canadian team that was hailed as a sensation, and in the semifinals - the Czech team, took third place in the end of the tournament.

Step 6:

The final match of Russia won with the same score of 6: 2, thus taking revenge for the defeat in Sweden in 2002, when the Slovak national team for the first time became the champion of the world. Two goals in the final match against Alexander Semin scored, and the last point in the tournament put Evgeni Malkin, recognized as the most valuable player at the end of the championship. Total Evgeny scored 11 goals, made 8 assists and scored 19 points.

Step 7:

As a result, the Russian national team has shown a unique result, having won all ten matches with the advantage of not less than two goals and playing no overtime. At the end of the final players received congratulations from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Step 8:

The title of the world champion became the fourth Russian team, and with the victory of the USSR national team - twenty-sixth.