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How do Adha Mukha Shvanasanu (dog muzzle down)

Adho Mukha Shvanasana - one of Klichev asanas (poses) of yoga. It promotes the renewal of cells in the brain, reduces fatigue, a beneficial effect on digestion. How you perform this asana technique depends on its effect.

How do Adha Mukha Shvanasanu (dog muzzle down)

You will need:

yoga mat

Instruction how to do Adha Mukha shvanasanu (muzzle dog down)

Step 1:

Get on all fours, hands rest against the floor, hands shoulder-width apart, fingers widely straightened and look forward. The inner parts of the hands look from the inside out. Knees and shoulder width apart.

Step 2:

With an exhalation, push off your hands off the floor, straightening them completely. Straighten your knees, hips and buttocks drag the ceiling. Retractor blades, loin drag upwards. Pull your hands, neck and back in a straight line, the head between the hands, eyes aimed at the ground. Do not hold your breath.

Step 3:

Even more straighten your knees, move your body weight in the legs. Fingers feet relaxed, not running out. Heel stretch to the floor.

Step 4:

Breathe naturally. Stay in this position for about a minute, slowly while in the asana can be increased.