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How many times in a week to train?

If you decide to engage them and purchased a subscription to the gym, one of the issues that will be disturbed - how many times a week to train? Give a definite answer is difficult, because it depends on your goals and aspirations.

How many times a week to train?

So every girl who decided to go to a gym, pursuing his goal. Some beauty want just a little pumped up, "wake up" the muscle, the other ladies have to throw off excess weight and give the figure a delicious form, there are also those girls who attend a fitness club for the beautiful boys. Therefore, for each of the fair sex the answer to the question, how many times a week to practice, will be individual.

If you belong to the first category of women: have a slim figure, but want a little to tighten the problem areas, and much to lose weight do not need, then you will approach strength training 2-3 times a week. If you do not have a lot of problem areas that you want to adjust, you can do strength training 2 (in front of them on the cardio workout of 7-10 minutes) a week for the body parts that require elaboration. And plus to it every seven days to attend any group sessions aimed at the elaboration of the whole body. This will shake the muscles and the unreached will not let you get bored. Such force employed in the group include the training body shock, body condition, perfect body, and many others.

If you belong to the second category of women and the purpose of your trips to the gym - slimming and postorennie his body, the first time you have to sweat. You are encouraged to engage in 5 times a week. For 7 days you should pass 3 weight training, followed by a mandatory cardio for 20-30 minutes and 2 kardiozanyatiya of 45 minutes each. It is desirable that the program of activities of power was an experienced fitness trainer who can show you how to do the exercises correctly and avoid injury. As cardio is recommended to select the ellipsoid, it is minimum load on the knee joints, and the treadmill. Once a week, you can swim in the pool, replacing a water cardio classes.

In the future, when your weight starts to decrease, and the figure will get the desired shape, it is possible to reduce the number of lessons to 3-4. At least once a week, it is desirable to leave cardio, especially for women prone to be overweight and rapid weight gain. And further. Do not engage in a long time on the same program. Change it is recommended every 4-8 weeks. If you are unable to constantly seek the help of a trainer (sometimes "bite" prices for their services), then simply add to the existing scheme, the new exercises. Rearrange them, take heavier weights. In general, makes a variety of training, so the muscles can not get used to the stress and weight-loss process does not slow down.

The last category of women - those who go to show off the hall. Here only you decide how many times a week to train. But a little advice. If we come to the gym, then work out for useful pieces, and health too. And the optimal number of lessons per week is still 2-3.