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How narrow waist

Set a goal to lose weight, not all understand that different parts of the body will be unevenly change their volumes. Depending on the natural characteristics, someone first results greater impact on reducing the size of the stomach, while others can no longer relate to the effect of the breast. If you are pursuing a specific purpose, it can be directed precisely to try to achieve it - for example, not just to lose weight, but to try to narrow the waist.

How narrow waist

Instruction as a narrow waist

Step 1:

Get ready for a constant and careful work on your body. Train yourself to think about the need to strictly observe the mode you choose for yourself. If you represent the complexity of the implementation of limitations, practice on something that is not as a source of stress. For example, during the week learning to go out at certain times. Practise will to avoid disruption during the work on the waist.

Step 2:

Practice lateral abdominal muscles: they make it possible to narrow the waist, while the longitudinal direction of work leading to the strengthening of the press, but at the same time enhance the area. Choose one of the many existing courses today and engaged for 10-20 minutes a day. Try different combinations of exercises and choose the best for yourself, experiment. Here are just a few examples of possible systems.

Step 3:

Lie down, stretch and relax your feet. Pay attention to proper breathing: it is very important to exercise has been quite effective. Get your hands behind your head, exhale and lift your right shoulder off the floor. Curl in the direction of the right side of the pelvic bones and not the opposite thigh, as is usually done. Hold for 20 seconds and return to starting position. Repeat on the left side, and then do two more approach.

Step 4:

Lie on your back and lift bent knees, hands, pull up (they must lie on the surface). Firmly press down the lower back to the floor, and start at the same time slowly straighten your left leg toward the floor at the same time describing the left-hand semicircle, directing it to the thigh. Limbs must touch the floor at the same time! Hold tight position for 20 seconds, and then start the exercise with your right hand and foot, while simultaneously returning to the starting position left.

Step 5:

Exercising with a hula-hoop - hoop choose convenient for you to gravity and twist every day for a few minutes. However, note that unnecessarily massive hoops is not necessary to twist too long, so as not to damage the organs of the abdominal cavity.

Step 6:

Do not forget about the help which can provide you with clothing. Of course, to tighten the waist in a corset, as it did before, not necessarily, but slimming underwear will help you look more slim and toned.