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How not to choke when running

When running the cardiovascular system of the person is experiencing severe load, which causes shortness of breath. Beginners and inexperienced runners often do not know how to control the breath, so as not to choke, because of which decreases the effectiveness of the workout. When running on the middle and long distance is especially important to breathe correctly, to allow oxygen to reach the vital organs.

How not to choke when running

Instruction how not to choke when running

Step 1:

The process of breathing while running in different people varies considerably, so you need to individually choose the best option based on the practice. But there are some general rules which must be adhered to breathe correctly. Before the start of the run to do respiratory workout, during which it is possible not only to prepare for the upcoming test light, but also stretch your muscles. Take a few simple exercises (tilts, squats, twists of the torso), the inhale when the thorax is compressed, and exhale - when expanding. If you are doing the stretching exercises, you need to exhale at the end.

Step 2:

While running, make sure your breath, trying to understand how breast department you breathe. Most runners involve mainly the upper part of the chest - at high speeds can be clearly seen as a heaving chest. Try to breathe "belly" or using the diaphragm, pre-work-out to run. We need a little inspiration when to inflate the abdomen, until the lungs are filled with air. Begin to use this way of breathing while running is necessary gradually.

Step 3:

Try to ensure that in one breath, and in one breath you do three or four steps, as a last resort when there is no air, two steps. The main thing - to breathe rhythmically at regular intervals. Try to breathe smoothly and calmly, with a focus on the exhale. If you still difficult to keep the right rhythm, practice to watch him when walking, as well as reduce the running speed. To test yourself, try to talk while running - if there are no problems, then you are moving at the right pace.

Step 4:

Remember to breathe while running only need a nose - especially in the open air. You can often hear the advice to breathe and exhale through your mouth, but it not only contributes to the fact that the runner starts to choke, but also greatly pollute the tonsils, lungs and trachea, which fall in the dust and dirt, as well as supercooled airways. If you breathe through the mouth while running, when it's cool, you can get a cold or other infectious disease.