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How to adjust the ski binding

ski Mounts lose any sense in terms of reliability and security, if we neglect the implementation of a simple but binding action on their adjustment. According to statistics, every third skier fails to comply with such standards.

How to adjust the ski binding

Instruction how to adjust the ski mounting

Step 1:

Carefully read the instructions on installation and adjustment of your bindings - each factory mounting instruction manual.

Step 2:

If you do not have clear instructions on setting fasteners, be sure to check the table below, according to which, in accordance with your weight, gender and development, choose for themselves their adjustment fixtures:

Step 3:

If you have a fairly high growth, the rate adjustment increase to half the division, in the case, if your height is below average, reduce the rate and half the division.

Step 4:

Check the correct installation mounting adjustment. To do this, a number of these actions. Put on both skis on the feet and spread them a little wider than shoulder width. Then place one of the skis on the inner edge. Now try using the torsional force in the plane of the ski to move into the bent leg and thereby open the attachment head. Movements are performed slowly with silnonapryazhennymi muscles of the legs. Repeat this test several times with weak regulation, gradually increasing its rate. So pick up your limit value adjustment (can be less than half the division).

Step 5:

Check the operation of fixing the heel. Why go down sharply in the ski forward and down. In order not to fall, rest on a stick put forward. This test can be a little painful and therefore can not be said about it is that it is suitable for anyone. If you become sick, you will certainly stop it and try to perform the method described in paragraph 4.