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How to adjust the speed of a bicycle

Often, walking and mountain bike gear problem. Sometimes you have to adjust this vulnerability, even after the purchase of a bicycle. You are very lucky if your bicycle is properly adjusted speed. If not - you can do on its own.

How to adjust the speed of a bicycle

You will need:

wrench, "family" key.

Instruction on how to adjust the speed of the bike

Step 1:

Here are some specific steps you can do to adjust the derailleur on the bike yourself: First, set on the very first speed gear shift. Turn the wheel, ie, put it on the steering wheel and seat. Next, clean the dirt from the control stick (grass, dust).

Step 2:

Using screws "Lo" or "-" adjust the position of the bracket so that it was next to the plane of the first gear speed. To achieve this effect only slowly twirl it above and check the position. If there is a shift of 1 mm, it is -. Acceptably. Although it is harder to change gear.

Step 3:

Here's what you need to do next: pull is not much speed switch control cable. Make it so that it is slack. And, at the same time make sure that the first speed has been set. Next, switch on the very highest speed and make sure that it has gone to the very lower (small) sprocket.

Step 4:

Set the chain to the top (the largest), a star on the front pedal unit. Adjust the position of the screw with this inscription "Hi" or "+". Do this to ensure the position of the two stars in a single plane.

Step 5:

After completing all of this is to test how the speed switch. If you are still not satisfactory, then it means that you are incorrectly adjusted high transmission screw. If you switch to the 1st speed and the chain slips from the carriage - all the fault of the first transfer screw. Try to fix it again.

Step 6:

And best of all, of course, take your bike to a specialist workshop. Now this control is worth a penny, but will save you a lot of time, effort and nerves. In addition, if you have a warranty card after buying a bike from a retailer, please feel free to go!