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How to Athletic

The desire to have a sports figure is alien to many. The girls are working frantically press or buttocks, the young man lift weights for hours. But the process of creating a beautiful figure someone passes quickly and successfully, and someone becomes a real headache, moreover, ineffective. This is primarily due to the fact that the figures are different. We need a differentiated approach depending on your natural body.

How to Athletic

Instruction how to make Athletic

Step 1:

Determine to what exactly the body type you are. Look at yourself in the mirror, look at the limb length, the ratio of length and width of the body, muscle structure, shape of the face.

Step 2:

If you have long limbs, narrow, elongated hands and feet, tight shoulders and chest, torso rather short, thin and elongated muscles, minimal body fat - you are an ectomorph.

Step 3:

If you have a dense body with a high content of fat, soft muscle structure, round face, short neck, strong limbs and relatively wide hips - you endomorph.

Step 4:

If you have broad shoulders, well developed thorax, torso long, thick muscles, long limbs - you mesomorph.

Step 5:

In pure form, a particular body type is rare. Typically, the human body in a combination of two types. For example, ectomorphic and mesomorphic. Determine what type of physique dominated by you and start to build its training program in conjunction with a diet.

Step 6:

Train intensively with more weight to gain muscle mass quickly if you are an ectomorph. Your workout should be based on the basic exercises with heavy weight and a small number of approaches. Strive not with cardio, such as jogging, swimming or aerobics. For active muscle growth, consume large amounts of high-calorie protein foods. Do you need a building material for muscles. Arrange a long rest between workouts, your muscles have time to relax.

Step 7:

Mesomorph quick and easy to gain muscle mass, so they can from the beginning to pay attention to careful consideration of individual muscle groups. Keep the muscles develop proportionately. Be sure to include stretching exercises and cardio. This will make your muscles more elastic and smooth, and will not allow to accumulate subcutaneous fat. The diet should be balanced and complete. The amount of calories during intensive training can be increased by 200-300 calories on average.

Step 8:

Lose weight - this is the main problem for the athlete with endomorphic physique. Be sure to perform daily cardio - running or cycling duration of not less than 40 minutes are required in this type of physique. Training should be a high speed with a lot of repetitions. Do not make a long rest between them, the fat burned intensely. Reduce your total caloric value of the diet does not exclude any products, but simply review the composition of the dishes himself.