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How to attach the mount to snowboard

On how well you pick up and install the mount for snowboarding, it depends not only on its comfort and ease of use, but also your health. Attaching firmly fix the leg in the shoe, it does not move or slip, protects against deformation when dropped. Therefore, the question of the selection and installation of mounting snowboard should be approached very seriously.

How to attach the mount to snowboard

Instruction how to attach the mount to snowboard

Step 1:

Fixing fixing depends on your riding style, and hence of its type. For disciplines such as slalom and downhill, professional athletes use hard boots and bindings. They consist of two platforms connected by arcs. In contrast, soft mounting used amateur freeride and freestyle. They have a platform highback, which fixes the leg from the calf straps and a rotary disk, which is attached to the platform.

Step 2:

All the fixings for snowboards mounted on the board by means of conventional screws.

Step 3:

The first step is to find a suitable stand you. Think about what kind of foot you put forward, if you stumble or you suddenly pushed from behind. If right - you Goofy, and forward you need to install the mount for the right foot. Those to whom it is more convenient that the left leg was in front, called Regular.

Step 4:

Decide what bracing s brought forward, you pick a suitable width of the leg placement. For freeride and freestyle feet are usually placed at shoulder width, and other styles of skating - a little closer to each other.

Step 5:

Now select the angle at which you put the feet. If you are going to engage in freestyle, the front attachment is installed in a position from 0 to 25 degrees, and the back - from 10 to 10. For those who prefer freeride or carving recommend setting the front legs at an angle of 25 to 45 degrees, and the back - 15 to 35. The universal stand for snowboarders is as follows: the front leg is at an angle of 10 to 35 degrees, the back - from 5 to 15.

Step 6:

By selecting the most suitable position for you, fix the fixation with screws, inserting them into the holes and firmly tightened.

Step 7:

Follow the installation strength fasteners, because if it will come off when riding at speed or jump, you can get seriously injured.