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How to axel

His name is obliged to jump the Norwegian skater Axel Paulsen. This beautiful item is the most common in the figure skating programs. To learn how to implement it, it will take more than one day of hard training.

How to axel

You will need:

- skates for figure skating; - The possibility of visiting the ice rink; - Maybe a coach.

Instruction how to do axel

Step 1:

Figure skating is one of the most traumatic sports. So much safer to seek help from a coach who will help you to master the intricacies of this case.

Step 2:

Currently, the skaters take advantage of the programs single, double and triple axel. There is also the so-called changeover jump in a half-turn, which is similar to Axl, if we consider the way of repulsion.

Step 3:

Of course, learning to perform axel should be gradual, starting with rocker jump. When training using various methods and techniques. Conducted thorough testing of each jump element, viewed a split-second (special shooting frame by frame). At the initial stage of training is monitored and automatically assigned each movement of the skater.

Step 4:

To perform a jump requires a powerful run at a speed of about 5 m / s. Then should make the transition to prepare for the push. It is important to work out a stable body position to push himself, to prevent lowering of the head, stoop, retraction of the pelvis and fussiness.

Step 5:

Jump and glide on the jogging leg should not change the direction of motion of the body. This is a rather weighty claim because otherwise disturbed balance in the clean and jerk and jump simply do not work.

Step 6:

Successfully master the push in the right choice to help Axel method of creating the initial rotation, in order to avoid possible errors.

Step 7:

Master a few variants of the stopper. When perforated stopper horse shaking leg, breaking away from the surface of the ice, "rolls" through the teeth. Rib stop suggests that skate skating leg, turning with respect to the sliding direction, "scrapes" the ice front surface of the outer edges. Experts agree that for the successful execution of Axel important to be able to combine these two ways to stop. Optimally, when the stopper rib effectively goes into the tooth.

Step 8:

Please note that you must be proficient in any way the locking movement. This is important for the performance of the required number of rotations during the flight. For example, double axel requires more initial rotation. When it is running skaters often use rib or combination lock.

Step 9:

For mastering the technique of jumping consent at the time of latching push movement, shoulder rotation, and mahi limbs. Hone strides technique using special simulation exercises in the gym. They allow you to improve the trajectory of the center of gravity. As the development of exercises using weights up to 1 kg.

Step 10:

Another object of the simulation exercise - training of rapid braking when mahah. At the beginning of the development of the jump to learn to control the accuracy of the motion path. Only then can you begin to exercise the braking speed.