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How to be healthy, doing sports

The word "sport" for many is synonymous with the word "health". Unfortunately, very often the physical activities become a cause of various injuries. To an active lifestyle does not become a source of grief for you, follow some simple rules.

How to be healthy, doing sports

You will need:

- proper nutrition; - Excessive drinking; - Correct technique; - Suitable training program; - Gradual increase in load; - A good rest; - Special shoes and protection.

Instruction how to be healthy, doing sports

Step 1:

First of all, forget about diets. The most common mistake beginners do sports - the desire to speed up the process, combining active training and dietary restrictions.

Step 2:

Your diet must be present protein necessary to build muscle, and slow carbohydrates that provide you with energy for a long time. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates to less than 100 grams per day can cause neuroendocrine problems.

Step 3:

Drink plenty of fluids. Do not believe those who say that you can not drink during exercise. On the contrary, during exercise your body with sweat actively loses moisture. If you can not make up its levels in the body in time, can cause serious violations of water-salt balance.

Step 4:

In addition, moisture is necessary to your muscles and ligaments remain elastic. The lack of joint mobility leads to various injuries.

Step 5:

Before the start of classes pass a medical examination. Learn about all the contraindications to sports. This allows you to choose the right direction on the road to physical beauty and health.

Step 6:

Pick up the correct training program. If you have never played sports professionally, you should consult with an experienced trainer or instructor. Only he will select the desired exercise suitable for you.

Step 7:

Engage with the instructor first time and every time a new master the difficult exercise. This incorrect technique execution - the most common cause of sports injuries.

Step 8:

Do not hurry. Champions do not become of one month. Your body needs time to adjust to each type of load. Increase them gradually and your joints and ligaments will not fail you.

Step 9:

Be sure to follow the workout. And the cardio, and training in the gym should start with a good preparation. Do not warm up your muscles and joints are easily fail, even with the usual load for you.

Step 10:

During the lessons listen to your body. Any sharp pain or unusual sensations - a reason to stop and find the cause of their occurrence. Do not train through the pain. Professional athletes are willing to do this for the sake of victory and the gold medal, and why should you?

Step 11:

Do not forget about additional protection. Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, bandages and special form was not invented to entice you more money. They protect you from injury.

Step 12:

Do not skimp on shoes. For fitness classes at the gym, jogging or sports games need special shoes. Those that are suitable for volleyball, can cause ankle injury when doing aerobics.

Step 13:

Relax. The body needs time to recover. Training on the background of fatigue give rise to injury, because your body is not able to cope with stress. In addition, fatigue interferes with proper techniques of movement.