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How to beat the goalkeeper

Goalkeeper position is key in any team game. The same of course applies to football. Defenders can not always save the goal. And then the question arises, how to beat the goalkeeper to effectively flying its gates balls?

How to beat the goalkeeper

Instruction how to beat the goalkeeper

Step 1:

Develop response. You can not beat the fast-moving balls into the goal without a developed reaction. Work continuously on this skill, because goalkeepers need it most. Ask punching longer direct blows at training. Train also reflect a penalty from 11 meters. This will help get rid of the fear of the impact and give a new impetus to the skills.

Step 2:

Watch the movement of the feet and the eyes of the enemy. As during the training and official games, watch as the opponent moves. The most important thing - to have time to notice which way directed his foot shock. As a rule, in this direction and the ball will fly. You will have a few fractions of a second to react. Also make sure that where the striker looks. When he looks up, most likely, will strike into the top corner.

Step 3:

Consider deceptive movement. Some players like to make false swing one leg, then to hit another. Do not fall for their tricks! Stand firmly on his feet, knees slightly bent and placing your hands shoulder-width apart. So you can quickly react and fight off the flying ball. In any situation, stay cool.

Step 4:

Take in the hands of awnings. If the ball flies high, then do a standing jump and throw their hands up high. Do not be afraid if it hurt anyone. Clinging to the ball as much as possible and push him to the ground, if the situation at the gate quite dangerous. If not, just pick up the ball in his hands and throw it outside the penalty area.

Step 5:

Slugger strong fists smashing blows on target. Another thing, if you have to respond directly to a flying ball. This situation is much more dangerous canopies. Only use fists or palms to ward off such attacks. Fend them away from the goalie area, so no one was able to catch the ball and score a goal. Do this as quickly as possible and sharper.

Step 6:

Vypinyvayte kicking the ball rolling on the ground. If the game situation allows, simply repel projectile feet back in the field. This must be done if the attacking enemy in the immediate vicinity of the gate and lead the ball in front of him. Not always, in such cases it is possible to hit the ball with his hands. So quickly run out of the gate and knock out the shell away. It will save your team from unnecessary trouble.