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How to build a blow

Many novice fighters want to know the answer to the perennial question - how to pump up your kick and make it lightning. The impact force depends on the velocity multiplied by the weight. It can also be called the power stroke. What you need to take steps to make your blow sharp and strong?

How to build a blow

You will need:

- Gloves; - punching bag; - Boxing paws; - Cloth or towel; - The coach or sparring partner.

Instruction how to pump kick

Step 1:

Train strikes tendon. They will be most effective in your arsenal. Begin the movement is not from the legs, shoulder or body, but rather from the fingers of hands: bitingly relaxed and throw your hands to the goal. At the moment of contact with the object is passed to all the stress and stiffness. Then return your hands to the starting position and be ready to put the next blow. Use the whole body during the impact.

Step 2:

Experience for yourself the power of hitting the tendon. Moisten hands with water and try to make a hand movement sprinkles in some tough places that are found on your hands touching distance.

Step 3:

Use more relaxed hand and foot, and, to a minimum - the muscular system. The tendons of the body will give rigidity and tension of the strike. Configure your hit series. Start with a study on the towel or any other cloth. Apply more punches to the withdrawal of the.

Step 4:

Create yourself a training system for the formulation of a strong impact. In general, it should include all kinds of kicks and hands, knees and elbows. All this should take around three to five rounds of three minutes. Pay attention not only to the physical side of achievements, but also technical.

Step 5:

Gradually increase the speed of impact. Focus on the center of the target and turn wave amplification. Use the full all his limbs.

Step 6:

Work not only with single blows, but also lots of 2-5 strokes. Naturally, apply maximum force at impact in each round.

Step 7:

Go slowly by smashing strikes tissue to work on the punching bag and paws. Plan to do this in a couple of months, attacks on the towel. Add new exercises to simulate the impact, and, of course, do not forget about already completed.

Step 8:

Shall describe training plan for 1 year and follow it! This period is just needed to pump pretty good hit. Once you have set a clear blow to the pears and paws, add kicks, knees, elbows, brushes. And as you progress, increase the speed and rigidity. After completing all the above steps, you will be able in a relatively short time to pump the force of impact.