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How to build all the muscle groups

In order to completely bleed all the muscles have to spend very much time. As a general rule, athletes are trying to work out different muscle groups on different days, but even that does not allow to spend time isolated elaboration of each muscle. If you increase the amount of exercise, it is necessary to increase the duration of the training itself, and it is not always convenient. The solution to this situation is to perform exercises that simultaneously work on the maximum amount of muscle of different groups.

How to build all the muscle groups

You will need:

- crossbeam; - Rod; - Block the simulator; - Gymnastic bench.

Instruction how to build all the muscle groups

Step 1:

Hang on the bar, holding it reverse grip. Lift your legs crossed at the ankles to a right angle. Feet pointing forward. Gently pull up up until the chin touches the crossbar. Try to keep the foot were always facing forward, in any case does not draw feet. Work: abdominal muscles, almost all the muscles of the back and chest, biceps.

Step 2:

Stand in between the columns of the block of the simulator. Grasp the handle of the upper block, located behind your back. The hand is raised up, the elbow raised and concerns almost rope. The second arm is extended in front of him, in the direction the movement will take place. Put your feet stride. Stop standing behind, it should be rotated by 45 degrees. Slowly push the handle forward movement of the top, forward and down. Push out the weight until the hand fist with the weights will not reach the level of hands stretched forward. Work: the stabilizing muscles of the body, oblique abdominal muscles, chest muscles, leg muscles.

Step 3:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel. Grasp the neck of the bar so as to tilt the hands do not touch the feet. The distance between the hands should be wider than shoulder width. Flex the lower back and pinch the blade. Deadlift begins with the movement of the head and shoulders back. Then repels legs while lifting up the back and the shoulders, hips and knees. Stand up straight with a barbell in the hands. Pause briefly and lower the barbell down, holding it as close as possible to him. When the neck is below the knees slightly squat, not bend at the waist. Work: hip flexors, glutes, the lower back muscles.